Thursday, April 7, 2016

Many a Truth is Said in Jest (Disclosure without calling it Disclosure)

First, it was Geoffrey Chaucer that uttered these words in 1390, made more well known later by Shakespeare in 1605 (or Francis Bacon, depending on the size of your tin foil hat).

This recent April 1st was a day, where it appeared that, indeed, many a truth was said in jest.
I have several examples of stories coming out where a writer, leader etc., will speak of what seems like a serious and long-awaited release of truth, only to have them throw in a ‘just kidding’ or ‘April Fools’!

The first one is one I read a while back titled ‘Obama Admits Aliens Secretly Running the Government’. Unfortunately the website isn’t up anymore, fortunately, I found the article on the website
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Here are some excerpts:

“This has been going on since the 1950s,” President Obama told the crowd of stunned reporters, “They were attracted to our planet in large numbers due to our discovery of atomic fission, to our use of nuclear weapons.”

“Today, practically every human being on earth knows what a Grey alien looks like,” the President said with a shrug, “Once contact was established with the Greys, President Truman made a deal with them, letting them build bases here in exchange for technology. After that, President Eisenhower met with a group of aliens commonly known as the Nordics, who are similar enough to terrestrial humans to move among us almost completely unnoticed. 

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