Thursday, April 7, 2016

Chinese Elders, Global Currency Reset, NESARA, & More - Debunked by Anna von Reitz

Debunking We Go—-An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels

April 7, 2016

Now that the information is finally getting out and being understood, that is to say, “critical mass” has been reached demanding reform and redress, the big danger is that we will be “fooled again”. crooks responsible for this are parasites and like any parasites, they know when to leave a dying host like the UNITED STATES, INC. They packed up in 2009, folks, and by 2012 had found business partners in China willing to help them get a new start in exchange for not only return of Chinese gold that was legitimately owed to the Chinese, but the use (loan) of vast amounts of gold that is in fact owed to us.

Recently a lot of well-intentioned people have been passing around notices and “news announcements” about the “New Republic” and about the “Global Reset” and how we have $800 trillion in European banks and how NESARA was supposedly passed at the point of a gun back in the 1990’s and “somehow” just never got here, either. Oh, and let’s not forget the “Chinese Elders” who came out of nowhere and kindly offered us the loan of billions of dollars of gold so that we could play in their new casino.

Grow up and wise up, people.

It’s true that practically everyone else on the planet owes us a lot of money instead of us owing them.

That much is absolutely true.

It’s also true that the gold the “Chinese Elders” are “loaning” us is gold that belongs to us, so that nothing has changed in this latest “offer” from the pigs—albeit, using Chinese Elders to do it. If we go back to sleep we will still be paying THEM for the use of our own assets. See? They “loan” our gold to the Chinese, the Chinese then loan it to us, we pay the Chinese interest on our own gold and both the Chinese and the rats benefit.

It’s just another “Federal Reserve Note” scam where they loaned us our own credit at interest.
And so is the “United States Note” another scam and variation on the theme. There’s no reason for us to “promise” to pay anyone in the future and that is what a “Note” is—- an I.O.U. A Federal Reserve Note or a United States Note or a George F. Schniedelmeyer Note — it is ALL the same. Why use credit, when by all rights under Heaven, you can afford to pay to right now?

The authors of this “NESARA” Pre-Announcement say that these new “United States Notes” are different in that we won’t be paying “interest” on the value of these “Notes”. All that means is that we will be using our own credit and racking up bills against ourselves according to the whims of these blackguards who still propose to be the governing body of the federation of states and still propose to operate in international jurisdiction under rules they make up for themselves.

Color all of us —and not just the Americans— everyone, worldwide—VERY STUPID if we allow this System to continue in any way, shape, manner or form. New names and new faces papering over old fraud mechanisms won’t change a thing and that’s not what we came here for. Even the “announcement” that Washington, DC has been “dis-incorporated” is not exactly honest.

Washington, DC, doing business as The District of Columbia Municipal Corporation is being liquidated, not “dis-incorporated”. And you might all be interested to know that your ESTATES are supposedly up for grabs as part of this liquidation, because the people responsible for this circumstance kinda “forgot” to tell you that you are the Priority Creditors of these ratfink slimeballs and that your property and good name have been put at violent risk by these con artists.

That’s what is going on in the western states. That is why Ammon and Clive Bundy are in jail. Secondary creditors of the UNITED STATES, INC. have come to the table and banged their dishes on the floor, so MIkey and Johnny and Hillary and Billie and Paul and the whole gang on Capitol Hill have said, oh, yes, that land is chattel owned by the UNITED STATES, INC. and those people are chattel, too—- not the actual Priority Creditors, not the beneficiaries of the United States Trust…, we never saw them before in our lives, even though we taxed them and they voted us into office (obviously by some error or mental incompetence on their part). You guys can take their land and throw them in jail for our debts, sure, and charge their ESTATES extra for the “service”.

So say, “Thank you, but no thank you, General Dunsford, the Queen and the Federal Reserve and the IMF all stole our identities and our credit on your predecessors’ watch and not only are we not paying the odious debt, we aren’t going back for any seconds. Instead, we ARE suing for our names, our money, our land and everything else that is ours including our credit, to be back in our control—-and that’s pronto, General. It’s your job to make sure that our National Trust is safe and secure and if it’s not after spending trillions of dollars on “National Defense” you know very well whose cajones are in the winepress of God.”

It’s not “just” the Federal Reserve that is so rotten corrupt and criminal that it smells like rotten dog dung and deserves to be torn down brick by brick, it’s the IMF, too. It’s the World Bank. It’s the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development. It’s the whole filthy, rotten “banking infrastructure”. Outside of a handful of old “state” banks there isn’t an honest bank left on this planet, and let me tell you, that if the Chinese bought Wells Fargo— just recently owned by the United States Attorney General’s Office— they are in for claims that even they won’t believe.

Please understand that I don’t want bloodshed over fraud, but I do want the fraud to be admitted, recognized, punished, and cleaned up. I want a fresh start on a firm foundation, not more shimmy-shuffle dances and omissions and half-truths and fake “debts”. I also insist that my property— all of it—be returned to me. That includes my given name, my trade name, my pennames, my copyrights, my titles and deeds and assets of all kinds. Now. Not next July. Not “maybe” or “someday” or when Bill Clinton feels like it.

We are coming forward by the millions and we are filing our paperwork. If you guys shut down the Land Recorder’s Offices, we will simply open our own and continue the process and steamroll right over any objections in international venues.

It’s time for an end of the lies and the fairytales. I really don’t know why these rodents always think that we need “stories” and are too stupid to figure out who the bad guys are, but in any case— they are wrong. Nobody who is awake, is past the age of ten, and really thinking about any of this is buying the Chinese Elders Story or the “We Are FINALLY Giving You NESARA!” Story, either.

With all due respect to Neil Keenan who has fought hard to pay back the Chinese people a righteous debt, it’s past time for the American people to be paid back the land, credit, and other assets that are owed and for the corporations responsible for these travesties to be liquidated and replaced with a lawfully elected and accountable and Republican style of government— as promised and guaranteed.
As soon as we have made it crystal clear to everyone on this planet who and what we are and what we are owed, and placed it all on the Public Records, we are going to follow through with the next steps required under the United States Statutes at Large. If General Dunsford doesn’t do his job, we are going to act as the Beneficiaries of the United States Trust and issue our directives for all the world to see. We are going to hold our elections for our land-based counties and we are going to elect our Sheriffs on the Land and we are going to start deputizing as many men as we need to clear out this nest of vipers. We are going to open up the Bounty Hunter provisions of the 14th Amendment and we are going to have a Field Day on any corporation, politician, organization or public official who thinks they are getting away with any more of this crappola. We are going to do it lawfully and peacefully and with the full support of the entire planet, because everyone else is as sick of these vermin as we are.