Saturday, April 16, 2016

Zen Gardner Talks About The Global Awakening Amidst Terraforming and Transhumanism

by Kev Baker

This is a show a long time in the making, and I suspect The Universe had a reason for this, and as the show goes on it becomes clear why NOW was the time for this to occur.

Zen opens up by talking about synchronicity and opening our minds to the adventure that awaits. The road markers are there if we are awake enough to first notice them, and then use them to guide us through the matrix.

Johnny Whistles asks Zen about numbers, and what it means when we see number codes like 11:11 etc. Zen gets into numbers being the language of the universe and the sooner we start to interoperate what these mean to each of us the better.

Zen also talks about the power of our imagination and the importance of continuing to use it as an adult.

The conversation then gets into the awakening that is going on around the planet before moving into the fact that Gaia, planet Earth, is going through changes – both natural vs man-made.

We discuss why the ELites are geoengineering the hell out of the planet to the point of Terraforming it.

The question is…


Are they trying to alter humans to the point of forced evolution to Human 2.0 so that we can live on a planet bathed in the radiation of Fukushima and the other changes that are coming to our home planet?

Or, more sinisterly, are they changing the planet in preparation for another species arriving?
All of the above, and so much more information besides, makes this one of the BEST EVER interviews on The Kev Baker Show to date.

Whats even better is the fact that Zen had a great time and will be coming back sometime really soon!

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