Monday, May 16, 2016

OWON Blog Update - May 16, 2016


One World of Nations
Road to Armageddon
16 May 2016

Johnathon Pollard, a Navy Intelligence Analyst, was sentenced to 30 years in 2015 for selling secrets.

Lt. Commander Edward Lin, serving with the top secret VPU-2 Spy Plane project, is facing a death sentence for selling the most sensitive secrets to China. America leaks like a bucket for a buck.

Money buys all. What of Clinton? How much has she sold for money? The email files - Hello?

Where is the US media now? Truth dies, as Americans were lied to. In the field of Military conflict, the Russians will be Chess Masters of planning. America, as perceived to date, are only Master-Bators by failed results and drowning in compounded Cabal debts. Hollywood won't gloss over a pre-emptive if launched. Hollywood and LA will be gone. The entire US based fleets with it. Russia has no time or resources for a drawn out sophisticated war. It can only 'Shock and Awe' itself if pushed. They know it's a no win in a protracted conflict, but they will take the US with them first if so. Neither China nor Russia want this. But the Cabal does, with no concept of the real dangers. For them, war is profit. But not such a conflict if unleashed.

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