Monday, May 16, 2016

William White Crow Secret Space Program Whistleblower (2nd Interview)


William White Crow joins us for this very special episode of The Kev Baker Show in which he discloses details of his time in the secret space program. We learn about the jump room to Mars and hear all about the truth of what is really going on above and below the surface of the red planet.

Just this past weekend William stepped forward and bravely shared details of his working relationship with Andy Basiago in Project Pegasus and the Mars jump room program, and tonight we build upon that initial coming out (the interview in which William comes out is included below, brought to you by Chris & Sheree Geo of Truth Frequency Radio)

William has come forward at this time in support of one of his fellow Project Pegasus/Mars Program participants Andy Basiago, a previous guest on the show, and the man who brought us details of the US governments involvement in time travel. William trained Andy in self-defence as a child time travel and would later go on to act as protection on a separate program in the 80’s that involved a jump room to Mars.

Mars didn’t always look like the baron wasteland we see in the alleged pictures from the NASA rovers. There was once a booming civilization, before a previous cataclysm brought it to an end. There is still some forms of life there today and we learn first hand from a man who has actually been there!

We often speculate on the show about something we call the “breakaway civilzation”, and William will give you first hand details of how far advanced this international group are, and its light years ahead of anything we hear about here on Earth!

You are going to hear about the teleportation technology that exists, and of a “jump room” elevator straight to Mars!

Now, for those out there that think this is too far fetched, i bet you have heard of the Philidelphia Experiment, right?

Well that was the beginnings of the programs that William talks of tonight, so keep an open mind, for reality truely is stranger than fiction.


We get into William’s experience of being a child abductee by “the others”, and this leads us to discuss the fact that our genetics are strongly tied to this breakaway and how we came to be here in the first place.

The term “the others” is used by William to describe the various beings that he has come into contact with. Like us humans, some are good and some are bad, but to call them “alien” has negative connotations so we will just refer to them as “the others”.

We are living at a critical time in our history, and it’s not only the most exciting of times, but also the most perilous.



We don’t have to go far out into the cosmos to find this “breakaway civilization”, in fact, we don’t even have to leave our own planet.

What is it we often say…

As above, so below….

It’s no different with these characters, for there are underground bases and tunnels that are occupied already as preparations are made by this cult that are determined to leave us all behind.

William talks about the tunnels connecting these bases and the extensive networks that exist and house the earth-bases side of this separate society.

I would imagine these bases, and the cities, are connected by mag-lev, high-speed shuttles, that will one day soon take the ruling class straight to somewhere like the underground complex at Denver, and other various locations that house the teleportation technology, and craft, to get them off-world in a hurry.


One of the few constants throughout the universe is the fact that we see cycles nearly everywhere, and our planet is no different, nor is it for humanity on the whole. Everything goes through cycles and we discuss how we are on the verge of some serious changes to our planet Earth.

We have witnessed the recent increase in earthquake and volcanic activity, not only around the always active ring of fire, but all over the planet.

I ask William if the timing of the announcement that there is another planet out there is anything to do with the changes coming our way. Planet X, Planet 9, Niburu, call it what you may….. something is coming in, and if they are starting to drip feed info to the masses, then you can be assured the timing of it is critical.

Everything ties together, for these ELites that dominate the planet have known for sometime that this cycle was approaching, and that is what led them to strive to get off world in the first place.

We get into where we come from, and just what and who we humans are.


William, along with Andy Basiago, were special guest over on my good friends Chris & Sheree Geo’s show at the weekend and this is when William first divulged his involvement in Project Pegasus & the Mars missions. I urge you all to listen to this show as it is critical to understand the true nature of the reality as to where we are at this time, and more importantly, just how far ahead this breakaway civilization is.

All this and so much more on the UK’s BEST PODCAST… THE KEV BAKER SHOW