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Dave Schmidt Update on the RV/GCR - June 8, 2016

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June 8th, 2016 

Update on the RV/GCR,
If You Want to Exchange Your Currencies, Always Ask the Yourself the Question,
Follow the Money,
In Other Words Who has the Money to Buy Your Currency From You!!!

Dear Friends,  I am going into a quiet zone and will not be doing a radio program this week.  Take that as a good sign.  
  When I was a State Senator I learned very quickly how to get to the bottom of an issue, what did someone really want from me, why did they want my vote.  Invariably it always came down to a bottom line question........follow the money!!!  For three years now I have been taking my own advice.......follow the money with these currency exchanges. 

  If want to be paid, who is going to buy your currency from you, who is putting up the money for your supposed exchange?  When you ask this question, listen to the answer (or many times a lack of an answer), it will tell you the truth of the statement others are making.  Who is your buyer?  How reliable are they? Where are the contracts?  Are they backed up by a lawful process?  Are they willing to put themselves on the line for going to jail for fraud if they do no deliver? 

The real currency buyers and the real sources of funding do not talk on the blog sites, do not let themselves be know to the public and do not care about what is being reported in various circles.  To those with the real money, all those
blog sites are just senseless pieces of deliberate disinformation.  The serious ones stay quiet and stay behind the scenes.  They know this is not a joke as they have experienced multiple people being murdered for saying too much.  

They also know the cabal does not want this RV/GCR to happen.  A GCR is the end of the Federal Reserve and their FRN currencies.  It is the end of their power and control.  That is why we have experienced so many delays and why it continues to drag on.  They are doing everything they can to stop this transition to keep their power.  The good news is they are losing the battle, their power grip is losing its control. 

  The real buyers also know there is no way the cabal is going to let thousands of people become overnight billionaires by simply receiving an 800# and walking into a bank or exchange center.  There is no way in hell they are going to allow every day moms and pops join them in the elite 1% of the wealthiest people it the world.  That is why most of the stuff you read on the blog sites is deliberate disinformation.   
  The blog writers seldom talk about the source of the funds, or if they do it is in forms of hazy, unreliable and untraceable information.  Notice how the posters on the blog sites seldom, if ever use their real names.  What are they trying to hide, why is it they cannot be honest and truthful with you.  Why do they never give information about their sources.   

We understand some information is confidential, but use common sense folks.  Where are those 5500 reported exchange centers?  Where are the thousands upon thousands of workers in these centers?  There are over 300,000 active duty and reserve military people in the United States, where are these individuals who have exchanged on the military bases?  I am still waiting for just one of them to come forward and say I am an worker at an exchange center in this location.  I am waiting for one military person to come forward and say I have exchanged at this base and this is my commander of this unit who will verify my exchange  It 's always someone else reporting second hand.

  For three years I have been following the money and the only place on this planet that has the money to pay for these currency exchanges are the Dragon Family and Elder sources in Asia.  I have made three trips to China to meet the Elders and Dragon Family.  I have an open invitaiton to go back again in the near future.  I have eight different contacts either directly or second hand of these Elders and the Family.  I have seen and have in my possession countless pictures of gold beyond comprehension.  I have talked with keepers face to face on Skype from undisclosed locations in Asia.  I have seen original bank documents with bent dog ears, signed in blue ink, detailing trillions and trillions of dollars in bank accounts around the world.

  I was sitting next to an individual, in Hong Kong when an assassination attempt was made on his life.  A few days later he was scheduled to take me into one the largest gold storage facilities in the world located in China.  Obviously that assassination attempt was to keep me out of the storage center.  I have met in person with someone reported to be the largest currency buyer in the world.   
  All of my sources report there will never be a public exchange at the higher rates.  They all report there are no buyers putting up the money where you will receive an 800# and report to an exchange center.  They all report there are no 5500 exchange centers with thousands and thousands of workers.  They all report the exchange is real, but it will only be done in private exchanges with legal contacts, contracts that you will have to sign before any funds are released.  These are the real sources of the funds and these are the real buyers of the currencies. 

Part of me would love to be wrong and see us be able to walk into a bank with our dinar and become a multimillionaire on the spot.  But all of my reliable sources say that will never happen.  If you are a reliable source of trillions of dollars, if you are a reliable buyer of the funds, please come forward, contact me and let's talk.  I you are a worker at one of these 5500 exchange centers, if you are an individual in the military who has exchanged, I would love to talk with you and change my story if you are for real.  I will keep our conversation confidential. 

  If you email me with senseless and stupid attacks without doing your homework or good investigation work, do not expect a response.  Those type of senseless responses will immediately go into my junk file.   
The thousands upon thousands of innocent and honest people who have bought dinar and dong deserve the truth.  It's time for the senseless and stupid reports to stop and it's time for the countless and unfulfilled promises to stop. 

It's time to let the truth be known.  It's time to "show me the money" or just shut up and go away!!!  Stay tuned for more reports!!!           


I am committed to serving you and willing to answer any of your questions.  You may contact me at:  thesedonaconnection@msn.com