Sunday, June 5, 2016

Joint Cobra / Corey Goode Interview by Rob Potter Part 2

THE PORTAL Joint Cobra / Corey Goode Interview by Rob Potter Part 2

Here is the transcript and the audio of the second part of the joint Cobra / Corey Goode interview by Rob Potter. 

Before we start, you can read an interesting analysis of the first part of the interview here: 

The Youtube audio version of the second part of the interview is here:

Link to Rob Potter's page with the interview is here:

And the transcript here:
Rob Potter: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re back with Corey and Cobra for Part 2. An extremely interesting interview. Both of these gentlemen are confirming each other’s intel with a few additions by each. I hope you are enjoying this unification and remembering about the Full Disclosure Meditation, the Secret Space Program conference in Mt. Shasta, as well as we’re having Cobra’s Ascension Conferences coming out. So lot’s of places for you to connect with other light members and become instrumental light bearers or information givers to people in your community.
This is really about letting people . . . preparing for some tremendous changes that are coming to the surface of the planet and we’re looking for clarity in these interviews.
We’re going to talk to Corey first and this first question is from someone. It says, “Corey, you have mentioned that some ET groups have been here with a little bit of service-to-self. Is that correct?”
Corey Goode: Yes.
Rob: Yeah, you have stated the Blue Avians are here because we are a parachute, as you termed it. It seems the Earth’s mess is kind of holding them back from evolving. Is that correct?