Friday, June 3, 2016

Two Webinar Events From Rise Mulitiversity: Journey of the Soul & Harmonious Relationships

The Journey of The Soul | Carla Fox Live Workshop With QA

Live March 12thEach person’s Higher Self extends its energy into the 4th dimension to create the soul. The soul then has a series of life experiences in a variety of 3rd and 4th dimensional realms. From our perspective in the here and now, we call these the past lives of the soul, although, from a higher perspective, they are all happening at the same time. One’s Higher Self chooses the right genetic combination from one’s parents to fulfill its idea of what the soul should experience in a particular lifetime. There are joys and successes in addition to traumas and failures. All combine to create the totality of one’s experience and many of these events carry over from the “past” into the current lifetime.

As our mission here is to drop baggage and come to completion and resolve with any traumas from the past, the heavy energy patterns that the soul has carried over from a past life must be resolved. During this 2 hour workshop, Carla Fox will cover some basic teachings on the nature of the soul. You will then be led through several guided exercises that will assist you in making contact with and resolving past life trauma. The final exercise will involve remembering a positive and life affirming attribute or gift that has been or can be carried over into the current lifetime.
The Journey of The Soul: Tools For Transition Workshop Series
With Carla Fox
June 4, 2016
5pm New York / 10pm London / 7am (5th) Sydney

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Harmonious Relationships | Sacred Cosmology Webinar with Bood Hickson

Harmonious RelationshipsOnce we better understand how unique we are, we begin to appreciate why our relationships (with other unique individuals) are so amazing yet often challenging. In this educational webinar we look at the tools of divine cosmology, allowing us to understand how our auras interact, affecting our relationship dynamics, whether it be with a partner, child, parent or friend.
This knowledge helps us to respect our differences by being able to appreciate just how differently we operate, view the world and navigate life. We ‘need’ others to experience the full extent of ‘human experience’, so learning to grasp how we ‘really’ interact with loved ones and colleagues makes life so much simpler and sweeter.

Join us for an in depth look at sacred cosmology utilizing astrology and human design. This event is Name Your Price. We welcome your generous contributions.

Also don't forget to bring your personalised Cosmic Attunement charts to follow with during this event. If you don't have one and would like, get yours FREE by contacting Bood Hickson directly:
Harmonious Relationships: Cosmic Attunement
With Bood Hickson
June 5, 2016
6pm New York / 11pm London / 8am (6th) Sydney