Friday, June 24, 2016

Transhumanism vs. Ascension (SITSSHOW Blog)

Transhumanism vs. Ascension | The Skingularity is Near – Free eBook by William Henry

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is a video introduction to a free eBook produced by researcher and presenter William Henry. 

Henry is known for his work in deciphering iconic art from antiquity as well as researching the hidden techniques of ascension or the Rainbow Body as described by eastern philosophies. 

I have yet to read Henry's book but one might assume that the lines between ascension and transhumanism are being blurred. However, I think the idea of merging with machines to gain super-human abilities is the Cabal's way of trying to appeal to the primal urge to evolve and grow within each of us. 

Transhumanism in this sense, is a kind of lame version of ascension, also known as enlightenment, spiritual awakening, self mastery, transfiguration, to name a few 

In case one concludes transhumanism is beneficial, I offer the following.

The idea of upgrading biology and consciousness via merging with machines is similar to ascension. But the major difference is how one achieves transcendence. If it requires dependence on technology, it's probably not desirable in the long term.

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