Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SITREP - Immediate Request for Resignation - A Letter to Republic ​of the United States President General Joseph Dunford & Paul Ryan

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AUGUST 23, 2016


​  ​
​of the United States ​
President General Joseph Dunford
TO:      The Honorable President General Joseph Dunford
RE: ​     Immediate Request for Resignation

August 23, 2016

Dear Honorable President General Joseph Dunford:

It is with a heavy heart yet wide open-mind that we come to you now as one collective body of sovereign American citizens in this newly free and unquarantined world to request your immediate resignation from office.  

President General Dunford, you sir have simply not performed by any acceptable standard to your awakened citizenry, even though yes, most are still unaware of your job title, and that you took over form General Ham, who replaced USA, Inc.'s President Obama many years ago.   The scam of who really runs America, and the men who do so from the shadows must now end!

Ultimately you have failed in your duties as President due to diplomatic inexperience and counter intelligence savvy, which we are  collectively calling "gross negligence" against the American citizenry both domestic and abroad.  

You sir lack the natural acumen and statesmanship to accomplish the mission given you by those now in control of the new financial, military, diplomatic and geopolitical mechanism of power

Thus, it is our contention as American citizens, that you have radically failed in your duties as Republic President due to basic non-performance and implementation of all required economic, military, diplomatic and geopolitical transition as signed into universal law by treaty via your signature on the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change (aka The Global Gold Standard Treaty).  

We also understand you have secretly agreed to dis-engage from future tactical warfare outside the boundaries of the Republic with Republic military assets, thus violating the basic tenant of your self-appointed Presidential job description, which requires the President of our Republic to faithfully oversee all military branches as well as being the nations honorable and forthright leading diplomat (Constitution of the United States, Article ll, Section 2 & 3).

We know also sir, that you secretly have signed additional diplomatic documents as the lone and unelected representative of our Republic, with BRICS, European and African consortiums, per the request / demand of private families existing in Asia and Europe--less the knowledge of the American people--in exchange for acquisition of gold bullion to revalued restored Republic currency backed in said gold.  

This act less your populations approval and consent can be construed as treasonous in international court, and thus you sir are in breach of both domestic and international law, let alone the universal laws of free choice.

We know you have acted in in good faith to ensure and protect the future of the Republic economically and militarily moving forward; yet your overt failure as leader of this once great and promising nation to deliver on said economic reforms as well as maintain a dignified global presence, including the clear scam that is our November Presidential election, has been nothing less than an impotent display of weakness, demonstrating a constant path of inadequacy in executive branch leadership.

It is our belief that due to all of these failures, you have broken your own sovereign covenant  made in secrete less your constituency's transparent knowledge, and never had, nor ever will have, mass approval to negotiate the Republic's best interests on an international stage.   You sir, are a career military man playing sovereign leader--and you are way out of your league--thus it's been a complete disaster.  

And this is why immediate resignation is your only option and wisest exit strategy.   

President General Dunford, are not only in volition of domestic and international law at this hour, you are in breach of universal law, which by all accounts, is now being implemented without exception across this beautiful planet via the benevolent guides/species here on Earth helping humanity through a very delicate cosmic transition of ages.  

As such, not only are you illegally acting as restored Republic President, publicly elected by a majority of your population… you have utterly failed in said Presidential responsibilities privately, setting the Republic's best interests back immeasurably for the next elected leader due to non-performance.  

President General Dunford, you sir are not the solution, you sir are the problem as your three dimensional thinking which catapulted your legend on the battle field, is now limiting your nation's fifth dimension ascension.  This rational is the esoteric or spiritual truth of why your resignation cannot come soon enough, as you simply do not vibrate on this level--yet that's exactly what kind of vibrational leadership is needed to restore the Republic.  

Meaning, you're holding your country and humanity back, all be it with good intentions.  Meaning, you are just not the leader for this era, this time, and your departure is now essential for America to evolve.  Please resign.  Immediately.  

With this truth spoken, we know sir you are a patriotic individual who loves his country, we know also that you have righteously and valiantly served your country as a solider on many battle fields in defense of our shared great nation; however, your new career as an international diplomat contradicts with the skill you have earned in the military, and thus you not now failing to restore the Republic you love so much.    

Hopefully, you are not nose deaf to the stench caused by your own clandestine administration, as you have failed to address one simple and repeating fact:  To ensure the long-term security of the flock, you MUST publicly remove all wolves from all sheep by any means necessary.  How else can we learn from our mistakes?  And you sir, have not accomplished this basic task within your time as President; therefore, you are a danger to entire flock, a danger to the Republic, and must now either leave or be forcibly removed (as I'm sure many have warned you already in prior negotiations).   

This resignation request also applies to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, but his failures will be posted at a later date and in a much "Better Way."  How dare you attend the Koch Brother's conference?  Spitting in the face of all Americans they have enslaved, yet publicly proposing "A Better Way" for the nation to move forward.  Shame on you, Paul.  I pray to God the Almighty Father for mercy on your soul when your deepest evils are revealed before the angelic counsel.   

Sadly, the old USA, Inc. appears still to be too entrench for all of your lower consciousness intellects to overcome.  Even more pathetic, you remain on the job thinking you're the best option… when clearly you are the opposite.  America is drowning on your watch sir, and you refuse to provide necessary oxygen for the people you have secretly sworn to protect.  Do you see the contradiction here?  Hope so.  Because we do.  And while you might brush off this request for resignation as a morale problem with currency holders, it is being offered as a clear and generous mirror to the moral problem you are neglecting.  

So please do the honorable thing today and step aside so the Republic's full and unabridged transition may begin in full across the country you sir love and have given you career, your life, to faithfully serve and protect.  Leave now with honor, or leave later with disgrace--the option is yours.  

Otherwise, you can expect to be publicly exposed as detrimental to this country's well being, and have your sterling reputation dismantled right along with the quality of life your citizenry continues to endure.  Clearly, you are not the leader to oust all the past, current and future cabal corruption--amnesty agreements or not--maybe Iraq has it right by hanging all traitors in the public squares so all can see there is the potential for real justice and hope for a different future.  

The unprecedented diplomatic, economic and social destruction has gone on far, far too long and only your absence offers America any potential reversal of fortune.  So it's time for goodbye President General Joseph Dunford.  Your service to this country was appreciated and admired.  Just as your dismissal from office is now demanded and shall be immediately enacted with your signed resignation letter to the newly seated Republic Congress.

It's go time, Joe.