Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Endless Possibilities

Received via email.....

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Just a few thoughts to ponder, debate and release…

Imagine if Hillary Clinton was already dead well before she arrived at the 9/11 ceremony Monday.  And whom then "fainted" and fell into the van as an organized event to help ease you into the possibility she won't be President?  Would that mean that the cabal is executing and pre-negitated exit strategy from the US political scene? 

Has digital technology really progressed to the point where you don't need to be alive to be elected President?  How could they fake a candidates existence for an entire election cycle in the age of social media?  What about personal appearances?  Debates?  

Could human cloning be a real thing now too?  And if so, do you believe the process might have been perfected going back to its origins during the Eisenhower Administration, and as brought over by the Paperclip Nazi scientists with the full cooperation and coordination of our own US Government?  

What if all mass media, including alternative media on the Internet, scripted every occurrence of our news from a centralized decision making location, as to intentionally lead humanity off a cliff with no return?  What if just turning on the  TV or radio emitted a transitory vibration (TV) that would hypnotize you into believing a well strategized agenda to weaken and thus enslave humanity with entertainment?  If that's the case, wouldn't all entertainment (movies, music, news, video games, sports, etc.) be participating in this grand illusion?  

Imagine if the current one sovereign state, one occupied territory situation in Israel suddenly reversed in favor of Palestine?  What would fundamentalist Christians, Muslims or Hebrews think?  What would US foreign policy suddenly look like?  And would that mean all major organized religions, were in on the same enslavement agenda?  Talk about a big can of whoop ass suddenly springing open…oh my!

Has anyone seen the living body of George Bush Sr?  Why not?  Maybe it's true he was assassinated via poison in Japan circa 1992?  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_H._W._Bush_vomiting_incident).  Would that mean a body double or clone was running the US?  If not, who was?    

Would the NPTB's use the RV as a litmus test to see where humanity's collective consciousness was for endless possibility?  And if that's true, what else about the human condition has endless possibilities?  And what if Donald Trump is a true American patriot and (new) believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior?

Would a no war, poverty, hunger, homeless, and financial tax deception policy actually work in the modern era?  And if yes, what if it is already in place structurally and we've already begun existing in that reality?

Have all financial markets worldwide already been switched over to some new benevolent trading system that cannot be artificially manipulated or leveraged?  What would that do to market making?  Stocks?  Bonds?  Equities?  ETFs?  Cash?

Is the US Republic government going to actually be reinstated shortly?  Gosh, what on earth would they do with the existing Congress, President Obama, Vice President Biden and the Supreme Court Justices?

Can the gold standard really be brought back without the vast, vast majority of global population knowing about it?  And what might life look like if the world is again on solid, realistic financial footing verses central banking printing magic tricks?  

Do you believe that the Russian government would just turn off gas supplies to Ukraine in order to permanently rescue humanity from our darkest evils?  Could they have corralled all the worst evil doers in Europe into one area like that?  Is that why the Hillary clone suddenly had a public collapse due to failing health?  How does this whole geopolitical chess game work anyway?

Do you think the Russian military would just eliminate all hostile actors in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Israel to permanently rescue humanity our darkest evils?  Could they have corralled all the worst evil doers in the Middle East into one area like that?  Is this what John Kerry is negotiating?  Hey, wasn't he eliminated in Switzerland?  If so, how does someone so public suddenly come back to life let alone negotiate important cease fire agreements for a country he doesn't legally represent?

Think about what a new US Republic would look like if the IRS, FEDERAL RESERVE, FEMA & HOMELAND SECURITY ceased to have power overnight, and no longer created false flag wars to fight overseas?  Imagine what that would do to US budget balancing and national debt repayment obligations?

What if you knew a few dozen Quintilian gold backed dollars were benevolently released into the North American economy for your personal redemption appointment?  And if so, what is the possibility there's an endless amount of zeros waiting behind this first tranche in order to reconstruct the world?  Would you still believe in scarcity or lack?  Would you immediately release all doubt and worry?  Would you allow your soul to actually ascend versus just conceptualizing what ascension means or should look like?    

Will you dare to consider yourself as human angel if this were to be true, zipping around the world blessing all in need, less any fear, with infinite resource, and unshakable connection to Divine Source?  What would that even look like?  How fortunate would one soul have to be simply to exist in such a transitional stage of human existence?   Would you ever complain again?  Would you ever doubt the absolute presence of an omnipotent and loving God?

What if all your suffering, through all these many years of pain, dire tribulations and unspeakable disappointments was actually your test to see if you could handle endless possibilities into the realms of higher consciousness… and you passed with a perfect score!!!!!!?

Is it safe to believe that we as species and planet are actually free from oppression and enslavement?  That the one they called Jesus Christ was actually God in the flesh, and He really did absorb all sin, so that we may now flourish.  And if we simply believed in His existence as truth, suddenly we would automatically regain our birth-righted eternal life consciousness once again?  

What if God really is with us now, the meek, the poor, the homeless, the hungry, the broken… and he's already benevolently reversed the chessboard so that love now controls all aspects of our future?  Imagine the joy you would feel?  Think of the love you could share?

Human possibilities would truly and unequivocally be endless…