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NESARA, the Question that has Bothered me for 25 Years


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Reader: '... the question that has bothered me for 25+ years since I first heard of "Nesara and Prosperity Packs" ...' Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 7-Sep-2016 17:03:20

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Reader Gunny writes (and I'll respond, following):


Re: Reader: 'These are designed to keep your a....

Hi Hobie,

There is the question that has bothered me for 25+ years since I first heard of "Nesara and Prosperity Packs".

The question is:

If everyone gets a ton of money, and no one has to go to work, how is all that "new money" actually worth anything, and who actually does any of the mundane jobs that keep our society running? (Like trash collection, waste treatment, farming and livestock etc...)

It would be like getting Monopoly money and expecting it to spend like gold or silver coins.

Unless the PP's are going to be paid out in actual Gold or Silver.

Your thoughts?

Best Regards,


(hobie here.) I think you've answered part of your own question, Gunny, with the "to be paid out in actual Gold or Silver". :) But let me start here:

In all these years, I've never yet had a reliable source confirm for me that NESARA is real as described. And there's more than one 'branch' to the ways it's been described.

However, the very idea of a NESARA correlates with what Rayelan has told us over the years - that there is a long-term plan to take down the Federal Reserve and to dethrone those who are back of it.

There are several adjuncts to the "taking down of the Fed". One would be the end of the IRS as we've known it and particularly of the unConstitutional so-called "income tax", since IRS has all along been functioning as the "collection agent" for someone, if not solely the owners of the Fed then (some say) the UN or (others say) the Queen.

An end to the so-called income tax would immediately mean more money (and less stress) for most Americans, with a concomitant increase to the flow of wealth throughout the economy.

Some descriptions of NESARA say it includes an elimination of existing debts, especially credit card and mortgage debts, which are arguably fraudulent in the first place and certainly usurious. Again, the result is more spendable income and less stress, both good for the economy.

SOME descriptions of NESARA also say a bazillion dollars will be given to each and every American. Personally I question that idea. The only rationale for it would be as repayment for all the taxes, inflation, and fraudulent debt interest payments that have kept everyone in wage-bondage for so very long. Would it cause prices to rise? Not necessarily - manufacturers, workers, distributors, and retailers would also have been given a bazillion dollars, so why haggle over prices? :) (If anyone sees this matter differently, let me know; I'll post well-considered opinions on this.)

I think the "prosperity programs" idea makes more sense, in that it would involve bringing substantial sums into the hands of a relative few, who would then in turn _spend_ significant amounts into circulation in the economy and thus into the pockets of manufacturers, workers, distributors, and retailers, and probably create jobs as well.

As far as I can tell, when the prosperity programs were taking in new members (mostly prior to year 2000), there was no specific mention that they were part of something called NESARA or of an effort to take down the Fed, etc. But I could be wrong about that, since the Farm Claims were part of it all, and those did apparently open a can of worms about how our world had been being run.

However, the point is that one or more of the prosperity programs was presented as simply "an opportunity" that held promise of a substantial return for anyone who saw fit to be part of it. There was no mention that the return would be given in "new, honest money", new, metals-based currency - but that seems to be how things have developed in the past 16 years.

If payment finally is made in currency that is substance-based rather than debt-based, it would seem that "inflation" is no longer a factor - there would be no more "quantitative easing", no more printing additional money, no more "wealth made out of thin air" - in other words, not the "Monopoly money" we might have imagined. :)

As for the question of "who will do the work?", I think the answer is, "Anyone who wants to." :)

The only world we have known has been based on "artificial scarcity". Consequently it is very difficult, maybe impossible, for us accurately to envision what a world of abundance will look like and how it will function. But even in a world of artificial scarcity, "money" is not the only reason to work, not the only motive of everyone for going to work each day.

Take me as an example. :) I'm here every day at RMN because I choose to be. Yes, I receive some small amount of money from some of the ad banners, and that does help make it _possible_ for me to be here every day - but it's not the reason for my doing it. If tomorrow I should find abundance has entered my living, I'd still be here, doing pretty much what I've been doing daily for the past 16 years.

I'd figure there are others in other lines of work who feel much the same way. :) The fact that you or I might find the work they do something we'd prefer not to do, doesn't mean they feel the same way about that work. Money is not the only reward. For many, "service to others", or "happiness of accomplishment", or "being part of a productive team", are rewards in themselves.



Entry Submitted by fm7 at 11:56 PM EDT on September 7, 2016

Who’ll do the mundane jobs? anyone who wants to- great question and answer

Another perspective to consider from fm7 : World will be so different with abundant thanksgiving-living-

I envision more artists, musicians, flourishing creativity, more automation, especially w/ new technologies including replicators; perhaps some R2D2 type specialized helpers.

Many jobs will become obsolete and or unnecessary; work week hours will decrease to allow for more family, leisure time, re-creation and enjoyment and cultivation of relationships and special project collaboration based on real desire & interest.

Some will choose more focused spiritual growth pursuit ie ascension practices and or learning/ mastering new skills/ endeavors, perhaps even “out of this world” discovery adventures. Other ideas?