Friday, September 30, 2016

Sovereign True Self by Pine Cone

Sovereign True Self   092916

by Pine Cone

I like to imagine, all of me, is all of you too, down deep inside, all inclusive Zero Point Energy, and the most Amazing experience of total humility comes from transforming into Coherent Spirit Conscience, replete, timeless, inviolate, and invisible. Coming back from formless ONENESS Spirit Conscience up from a sort of V, from down deep inside Christ Conscience, without any collective gender consciousness contaminants, Wordless Where I just came from was the same, all inclusive gender-free experience Wordless Where anyone, and everyone stops pretending to ever, really be separate from anything, and everything. ;) ;)

From our World perspective, at the top of the wide space of that V shape, the more we pretend we are separate, the less Kind we speak, as the more divided-wide we need to stay away from Communion. Names, really tell which Word-end is up for us, as the, more we think we are gender, at our core, the less Kind we speak into the loneliest cell division-need for multiplying separate-wider from Wordless Where. Magical, Mystical, Miracle Enlightening liquefiable Love energy Effulgence Communion Delight replaces, all need for Words, and Names down deep inside everyone’s same Inner Child Spirit Sovereign True Self.

Watch what happens when we share about understanding Karma, when we don’t get hung up on that Word, all alone by itself, as if divided out from Xero Point Energy’s perspective? Take every possible divided-up idea of Karma, and let’s forget about separation for a moment in timeless reverie:

Gender is the manifestation infestation form of Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes, so for every male lifetime role, there is also a mirror need for every female lifetime role too

Arrogant gender is divisive, at its core motive at the top of our widening V, without any idea of our Sovereign True Self, but continual forgiveness, with help from Holy Spirit forgiveness nurturing, enlightens enough compassion, eventually, to Unify Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes Mercy, toward our gender-free Spirit Sovereign True Self brilliant Zero Point Energy Communion bliss.

We bring our old lifetime Mother roles with us, when we experience this lifetime Mother, in order to experience the harm we did before stuck in that same Karmic gender role-reversal, so there is never any question who our Mother was, is, and will be, as long as we remain scared to forgive ourselves by painting our present lives over our old Karmic canvass.

The fear of our Mother’s hubristic gender role, co-creates life-partners and lifelong friends with the same measure of divisive shame, that our Mothers project on us children as our initial owners. Sex abuse shame, and rage, from suffering as our Mother’s property, and debt-equity co-creates the same debt-equity infrastructure perspective as victim/victimizer/caretaker codependent triangulation family role mirrors, in the Satanic Isis Mother Mercenary Parent/Child/Triangulation we seem to know so, very little about, as if it has nothing to do with our World Wide present debt slavery.

“You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.” - Navajo Proverb

I imagine, once we had died from before, we went through a brief life-review, but very few, who understand Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes, realize that when we are born here in divisive-gender role-reversal already, that this is where we experience that brief life-review in 3D un-living color. So, even though the undead call this ‘real’ here, and the other-side ‘ethereal’, down deep  inside our mutual Sovereign True Self, there is no exclusive idea, because that can only exist in the narcissistic Wide V mind of arrogant Karmic-gender shadow form.

Karma is NOT punishment, we serve Love energy by experiencing how we harmed others, just by appearing here in Duality roles, and nothing can change our narcissistic minds any faster than suffering enough so we ‘want’ to unlearn everything we, only thought we knew, which is, all the things that fill our mind-clamor when we need to learn to live loved, by listening well from ONENESS Spirit Conscience, instead. Kind wisdom is the absence of knowing anything, like Love wisdom is the absence of any divisive-gender role ideas.

Holy Spirit is the Sovereign True Self miracle forgiveness energy in humility of total freedom, Wordless Where, each gender life seems to be weaving Light together into an outer garment cloth of Mercy, to enjoy whensoever thitherto Heavenly Harmony of Immortal Love ‘ethereality’, in timeless/genderless energy, ending any more Life-review’s need for undead/unreal divisive evil gender’s perspective.