Friday, September 30, 2016

Thoughts Of A Weary Starseed Human by Victoria

Posted onSeptember 29, 2016
Let me begin by saying I am uncomfortable using the term “starseed”.  It implies that I am somehow better than most other humans – that I am somehow more special.  Or needed.  However, I use the word nonetheless because for as long as I can remember in this particular incarnation in this particular physical vessel, I have felt like I belong somewhere else.  Even though I believe and feel I have lived many lifetimes on earth, I am in some way from another planet.  Over the years I have had the thought “Where I come from we don’t do that” – a thought I especially began to experience a couple of years back.  Just where is this “where?”
I have no idea.  But I do know I have lived elsewhere.  And I also feel I decided to leave my paradise behind (paradise compared to earth) and go on an adventure – that adventure being to liberate the people of earth from the darkness that took over many thousands of years ago.  Along with liberating the people was the agenda of bringing earth back into the Galactic Universe of other peaceful, paradise-like planets.  At the time, I was totally up for the challenge.  I felt I could handle it.
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