Tuesday, October 4, 2016

SITREP 06:00 AM EDT Tuesday October 4, 2016

06:00 EDT
October 4, 2016


Theee things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth.
- Buddha


Currency Sub Groups all over North America are now being called into redemption locations, as are in-bank currency purchasers who were already existing Wells Fargo clients.

The RV is here folks.

The "restricted strategy" roll out is still in effect, but the ramp up to the "unrestricted strategy" is gaining momentum by the hour.

Many who are being called in are refusing to accept the pre-negotiated group rates (way too low) as well as signing NDAs--and they're literally walking out!  Crazy!!

Hundreds have chosen just to wait for the toll free numbers to come out!   Crazy!

People know how much their ZIM is worth given our collective efforts.  So well done Chosen Ones.  We're making a massive difference already!

We are hearing that IQD, VND, IDR and AFA redeemers don't have to sign NDAs.  Why?  Those currencies are fiscally irrelevant to banks in direct comparison to the redeemable value of the ZIM.

Sorry, non ZIM currency holders, you are just small math to the banks.  And not only will you be made to wait to redeem, you'll be allowed to go your own way without restraint.  Such freedom is a good trade off in my opinion.

ZIM holders won't be as lucky.  NDAs with higher redemption values will be required.  And redeeming it will legally limit all of your future speech and actions.

We understand some bankers are even willing to allow personal "price quoting" on their ZIM because we are also hearing about five digit end buyer resale values in Asia for ZIM in-take banks.

Yup, you read that right--five digits as in 10,000+ USN per 1 ZIM at face value.

Turns out those in-ground assets of Africa are valued beyond anything we've ever considered in the past.  Sobeit.

Now that doesn't mean you will get those kind of rates at your redemption appointment, but it speaks to the hidden sovereign value of the ZIM historic bond/currency you hold.

The Wikileaks broadcast began today at 4am EDT this morning and is still going.  Clearly it is synced up to the hit the second presidential debate as well as both campaigns when they each enter into the final month before the election.

Know the timing of all events is 100% coordinated.  Nothing in media or politics is impromptu now.

This is probably why Trump laid low in the weeds throughout the first debate.  He knew that the Wikileaks data dump was upcoming because and we know he's working in concert with the Republic's desire roll out strategy.

His job is to be a constant mouthpiece for the political agenda of the Republic, as well as highlight the cabal's past sins, all while acting as an independent candidate.  Who better than Trump for the job of annoying and relentless big mouth megaphone, right?

Look for Brexit to finally start happening now.  Look for the Paris Agreement to finally ratify now.  Look for Israel and Palestine to finally create two states now.  Look for the difficult and tragic Syrian conflict to finally end now.  Look for the vile Clinton dynasty to finally leave public life in exchange for amnesty now.  Look for the US elections to finally be outed as totally bogus and be revamped with new, more qualified RNC and DNC candidates now.

All the misbehaving children will fall into line at the last possible second.


Yo bro, we just want to get rich and get our toll free appointment numbers.  Who cares about all this other crap.  Hit me with date, rate, 800#s and let's go party in Vegas--we go now!


Without this kinda backstory and a 30,000 foot Intel overview you will just be further entrapped vibrationally in an ignorance matrix that will not go away until you have address such claims seriously.

Only light replaces darkness and only knowledge frees the mind from  ignorance.  But the real truth is often hard to hear... and even harder to change ourselves once we've been exposed to the truth.

It's your world and if you want this money, at these rates, by default you will take on its energetic truth.  And its truth while monetarily valuable, is very uncomfortable spiritually.

Brutally.  Embarrassingly.  Constantly.  Raw.  Relentless.

Trust me when I tell you, the truth surrounding humanity's enslavement will rise quickly with ZIM redeemers post-RV as you'll instantly realize money is a mental construct and thus a complete and utter lie.

Still want someone to show you the money?  Still salivating over those crazy high ZIM values?


The ZIM ain't what you think it is.  In fact, you're better off burning your ZIM currency rather than redeeming it if you're having serious doubts at this stage.  Again, that's a radical thought I know, but it might actually save a few lives if the warning is heeded.

Do consider not redeeming your ZIM if you don't desire to ascend (change your life radically for the better).  Surprisingly many to most don't desire a different lifestyle, yet several have been voluntarily gifted ZIM.

So something's gotta give.  And nothing will be the same post RV at any ZIM rate.

It's a strange bag of extreme realities no doubt.  Completely your choice of course, but all redeeming ZIM will bear a Herculean burden post-RV.  I just feel constantly obligated to lay out all your choices, to all types of currency holders.

My advice stands: Surrender to God's Will, listen and chose wisely in service of the greater good.  Follow that path and everything will work out just fine.  Don't and you'll be toast as it relates to managing the volume of ZIM-- it will ruin lives at these sky high rates a la Powerball Winner Syndrome.

So please, please be careful.  Your happiness and soul really matters.

God is with us.