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"Community" - Republic Update - November 21, 2016

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Republic Update
November 21, 2016


"Social media is not about the exploitation of technology, but service to community."

-- Simon Mainwaring


Aloha Currency Community,

Mama always said it takes all colors to make a rainbow.  Bright.  Dull.  Big.  Small.  Pro.  Con.  Lovers and Haters.  We all belong.  We all deserve to be seen and heard.  We all matter equally within the heart of God.  Truth is truth.

In fact, that's one of the great things about Patrick's site, he allows people to be themselves.  He post​s​ whatever's in our heart​s​.  If there's love to give away, then he posts love.  If there's anger or disappointment, then up it goes.

Dinar Chronicles is one of the few sites dealing in the RV that's actually allows the user to be interactive, and thus creates a true cyber community.  D.C. just feels real, which does not always create harmony.  But at least its honest.  This is why people are drawn to the site.  I know this is why I started posting here.  Thank you Patrick.

Now clearly, we all don't all share one kumbaya harmonious opinion of current events:)  But hey, what real community does?  At the end of the day, it's just cyber space blog chat, right… not an emergency room where inaccurate or harsh words can take or save lives.

Remember this little rule about the Internet, if something or someone attempts to unify, plant it as a seed of truth in your soil… and if something or someone attempts to separate, plant nothing and move on.  It's my responsibility, and my responsibility alone, to be a constant gardener of my own truth garden, evaluating all seeds with constant scrutiny.  Sometimes, yes, we must weed out a seed when its discovered to be an illusion.  But we can do so with no drama.  No dis-ease.  With just a simple scoop of our garden tool and with a flick of the wrist, our garden of truth is preserved.  Sobeit.

Everyone here is wise enough to judge for themselves the seeds planted on Dinar Chronicles and other sites.  Thanks again, Patrick, for being an objective home base for the curious and inquisitive, available 24/7/365 throughout what has become an elongated, and admittedly painful waiting process.  I feel like we're all stuck on some ZIM elevator, and there's a "stale smell" starting to get uncomfortably noticeable.   

That said, where we at Yo?  Wish I knew.  Actually (factually), I'm a bit stumped.  I know the process started in earnest at the T4 level--finally--at 11pm EDT last night, then stopped dead in its tracks.  Was this planned?  Probably.  Did we in the Intel community know this was coming?  Not a clue.  

Half the time we're told half truths which only end up revealing half an implementation strategy on purpose.  Sure we discern before posting, but we've been getting Intel from some of these sources for years now and trust them… as they trust us… so its hard to properly evaluate every seed we get in a real time fashion.  Eventually, the truth is revealed, but sometimes we need a few days to see if their seeds take root.

For instance, take the Paul Ryan issue.  We have known for over a year Ryan has been the acting Republic President since he took the Speaker of the House position in October 2015.  We know this because we also know Obama, Biden and Boehner were all forced to resign by order of the Pope when he visited Washington, D.C. in September 2015--as part of the Roman Church's amnesty deal with the Elders via international court settlement.   Complicated geopolitical stuff that took us months to figure out.

We've also seen signed military orders with Commander in Chief Paul Ryan signed on the document.  We also know, that the Chinese/Russians/Iranians/Indians/Elders hold the majority of our defaulted US Treasury bond debt, and they would simply not allow two blatant cabal family members like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump to run their restored nation/investment.  Both are vile people in ways that are best left to other sites.

It's just illogical to think that smart people would let thieves, murderers and known Satanists run anything let alone a country if given the choice folks.  But many to most don't understand the depth of the cabal's influence or illegalities, because they believe the US election process is real, and they want their vote to count.

Nobody wants to be called a fool for attempting to do the right thing.  But 135+ million Americans were fooled on November 8, 2016--just as they have always been fooled since the Electoral College was amended into the 12th Amendment of the US Constitution back in 1804.

Look, Paul Ryan may not be your first choice, but he's the leading Republican and traditionally Republicans represent the conservative voice of our nation.  Conservative beliefs are very much in vogue in nations such as Russia/China/Iran/India… so they set up a majority Republican government to rule, including the Supreme Court, and also choose young idealist, staunch conservative, who they vetted and knowingly placed into power without telling anyone as not to scare innocent citizens who believe in our democracy. 

They also set President Ryan up for 9 years of running their investment versus the normal 8 (two elected terms) by going this route.  Pretty shrewd, but damn difficult to pull off.  We'll see how far their plan goes before encountering a few snags.   

Soon you'll see how the Electoral College system really works, when the state legislature / GOP party nominees place their votes on December 19, 2016.  Everyone will see that Mr. Trump will not reach the 270 Electoral votes necessary to be President, which will trigger a run off in the House of Representatives, which will ultimately choose their Speaker, Paul Ryan, over Donald Trump.  Mike Pence will probably get to 270 electoral votes an not need a run off via a Senate vote.

Just know there were several other ways to bring Paul Ryan into power as the newly restored Republic President--this way is just a 'break the glass" scenario because the Clinton's wouldn't surrender.  It's the fail safe methodology.  And even if Hillary was elected via the electoral college, Paul Ryan would still become your President per the voting laws of the Electoral College, as amended in the Constitution.  Crazy?  Sure.  Reality, absolutely.  As this is precisely why the Russians/Chinese/Iranians/Indians/Elders selected Paul Ryan to be Speaker of the House--or head of the GOP--or leader of the House of Representatives who were already in majority.  Many believe this plan was in the works going all the way back to post 9/11/01.

We've also been told recently there are over 12,000 couriers in North America dropping off packets or blessings across a variety for a variety of reasons, some of which actually include 800#s for key "Internet influencers."  We know the initial "go order" went out at 3:00pm EDT Sunday, then stopped 8 hours later, right before we felt our tier of packets was to disburse.  What a curious case for Benjamin Buttons to be sure.  Yet here we are 24 hours later, still waiting in that damn stagnant ZIM elevator.  We were informed the courier process was cranked back up today at 9am EDT, but have heard little as to where we are in the process tonight.

These couriers are a big part of getting everyone who was owed something from past litigation or investment there rightful claim/check… and we know there's a line in the sand for the public, whereby everyone who was owed something leading up to the RV needs to be paid out in full before anyone new can receive fresh pay outs (this includes currency holders).

What's interesting is the massive tranches that keep flooding our US central banks, and central banks worldwide.  It's like endless manna raining down from Heaven.  Yet nobody is doing back flips in the street.  Not a single BMW is flying off the lot.  So extrapolating that Intel, it's safe to assume something major is about to drop, and soon, given all that new liquidity being loaded up onto central banking ledgers.  But for what?  When?  Why?  Where?  Who? 

The RV is such a mystery, isn't it?  Winston Churchill famously said of Russia in 1939, "It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key…." Yes, perhaps there is a key.  And perhaps that key is re-stimulating the global economy.  Because when you take a step back and think about when is it optimal to launch an unprecedented GCR/RV, the NPTB must want to maximize the release date… and the best time, IMHO, to hydrate the world is right before Thanksgiving, as the United States is the leading consumer of all global retail goods hands down, and Black Friday is by far our biggest retail shopping day of the year, which also now includes Cyber Monday.

So if they miss that window, well, shame on them… as the greatest good for all humanity would be to release the RV before the Thanksgiving holiday, not after.  However, given that millions are waiting to redeem currencies of all colors under the rainbow, it would make sense to give people enough time to set appointments and actually spend the money versus giving it to them during or after the Thanksgiving holiday rush.   Perhaps this is why these massive tranches are suddenly hitting the banks now, and perhaps this is the key old Winston C. was talking about.

As for your Republic (less those who are loyal to the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii), I'm going to say this one last time… no one can be President of corporation that does not legally exist.  It's not a red or blue thing, it's a legal thing.  And because the United States of America, Inc. was incorporated back in 1871, domiciled in Puerto Rico, who recently defaulted as a sovereign nation themselves in the summer of 2015, the election 135 million plus Americans voted in was nothing more than a fancy pageant, meant to keep things as normal as possible while the Republic was quietly slid into place, and made to look normal.

Ask yourself this, do you really think Donald Trump would select Mike Pence as his running mate?  Or Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff?  He doesn't know those guys.   They're not his kind of manly men.  But you know who knows them very well, and trusts them, Paul Ryan.  And together, they're already organizing President-​appointed Ryan's transition plans.

My apologies for the long post, but given the energy surrounding other recent posts, I felt it a needed and appropriate diatribe tonight.  Keep things simple.  Pray when confused.  Surrender with sincerity.  Everything else will come together--promise.

And yes, Gigli was a horrible film.  Although "Benifer" made a beautiful couple.  Both were ​tragic ​shames.

God is with us.