Saturday, November 5, 2016

GESARA Intel Update - November 5, 2016

GESARA Update Part #2

If you look in the right hand corner, near the little girl, you'll see one of the arrows reads 11/5.

This is what Anonymous in V for Vendetta was trying to communicate when telling us to "Remember, remember the 5th of November"--all be it to scare and inform us on behalf of future cabal attack plans.

Know that yes they long planned a massive 9/11 type assault for this day, which will not happen now thanks to all the tireless and courageous white hat men and women in multiple countries who rooted out all major evil agents and rendered their weapons of mass destruction. impotent.  

Do you wanna be a hero in his fight?  

If no, redeem at lower rates and take the money and run away from the fight.

If yes, do your part and demand the higher sovereign rates, then commit your post RV life to disbursing infinite amounts of mercy in the name and love of God.

That's what is needed now after he banks close tonight on the East Coast.

That's the challenge of this day November 5, 2016 when GESARA is revealed to the global population.

So rise up humanity!

Rise up to meet this evil insanity head on with undaunted, relentless and fearless levels of love!

We are that powerful!  

We are that divine!  

We are that loved!

And we will no longer fall passive on our knees anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Rise up ZIM holders!!!!!!!!   


God is with us. 


Received via email.....

GESARA Update Part #1


"Enslavement" - GESARA Update - November 5, 2016


"I'm just a puppet that can see the strings." -- Dr Manhattan


A dark cabal is a group of people united in some close design together, usually to promote their private views or interests in an ideology, state, or other community, often by intrigue, usually unbeknown to persons outside their group.

This dark cabal has worked in secrete by getting their operatives into positions of authority through treachery in military, banking, government, business, medicine, education, science, media, entertainment, agriculture and religion.

Their network of actors is loyal to the dark cabal's "left handed path" of deceit is not large in terms of numbers (maybe 1 million) but what they've learned over centuries of study is that humans prefer to be lead, so therefore it's easy for .001% (the elite) to lead the other 99.999% (the masses) any direction they choose by propaganda of fear and constant media deceit.

Hence the need for a dark cabal strategy of perpetual control through chaos.  Not money.  Not sex.  Not fame.  100% control.  An invisible fence of human enslavement with the illusion of free choice--like presidential elections.

But when you read the Constitution concerning of say US presidential elections, it interprets something like this:

"There's nothing in the Constitution which requires a popular election for the electors serving in the Electoral College," says John Nagle, a law professor at the University of Notre Dame, meaning the body that officially elects presidents could convene without the general public voting.

"It's up to each state legislature to decide how they want to choose the state's electors," Nagle says.  "It may be a situation in which the fact that we have an Electoral College (elite), rather than direct voting (masses) for presidential candidates, may prove to be helpful."

So if voting for Hillary or Trump doesn't really matter per the Constitution, has public voting ever mattered in the history of our country?  No.

And is this why they let us vote?  To give us a false sense of control over our own destiny?  Faux sovereignty?

And if that's true, is everything else in society would be complete bullshit too?

All of this political insanity is going on precisely when GESARA is being ratified and rescuing humanity from perpetual enslavement.

Even the Cubs are magically winning the World Series after 108 years.

Question: Was this 103 win Cubs team organically put together or was it pre-planned by the cabal owners (because all professional sports teams are cabal owned) to lend really good young players that suddenly appear to be "acquired" in trades--including Arnoldo's Chapman the games best reliever before this year's trade deadlie--after a century plus years of losing?

And what about those oddly pompous, vastly white umpires that answer to no one but their own league's commissioner--who is put into place by the cabal owners?

Are all current events just coordinated distractions conjured up to keep the masses entertained and unfocused from seeing the dark cabal's great secrets?

Wow.  Can any organized group really do things that intricate, that far in advance and get away with it?

See 9/11.

Do such macro lies really go that deep?

Research every war that's ever been fought.

Can everything we see, feel, touch and taste really all be pre-planned hidden handed cabal creations meant to distract us from the truth of our invisible enslavement and divine birthright?

See The Truman Show, The Matrix Trilogy and every blockbuster movie ever produced.

Well, wether all this "conspiracy talk" is true for you, yes or no, it's time for each of you to wake up and start considering / investigating the possibility maybe it's all true.  And maybe humanity collectively is so soundly asleep in things that do not matter like baseball, politics and fake wars against fake enemies--collectively we don't know what being awake even feels like anymore.

But such a journey into truth takes great humility.  Great courage.  Great releasing of ego.  Yet in truth, it only takes God's will overtaking your own.  Which takes no effort just a simple surrender in your heart.

Folks, it is time to deconstruct your world not as it appears to be, but as it truly is and ask how and why.  It's time to develop a much keener sense of discernment regarding what is the desire of God in all situations versus of decoys of man, because what we're about to experience in terms of getting down to the harsh truths plaguing our planet will automatically reveal the dark cabal's age control mechanisms--and it will shock your system.

Emotionally, you will shut down initially, then you will feel tremendous sorrow for allowing yourself to be so deceived, followed by depression and possibly physical illness (rock bottom).

However, most of you will psychologically rebound quickly and begin researching what has gone on, then apply logic as to how bad things have gotten so bad until you get your intellectual arms around the scope of the deceit.

Finally you'll remember that God is in full command and thus has allowed the dark cabal to exist for a benevolent reason; then hope will return to your heart because He didn't let them get away with their absolute enslavement strategy, forever at least; in fact, Akua even mercifully put a few digital zeros in your pocket as to heal the soul of the world.

We are but prisoners getting out of jail and being can fair to get back home.  That's all the GESARA/GCR/RV/ZIM truly is.  Truth, mercy and mulligan to serve Him wholeheartedly again.

God is so great!  So patient!  So omnipotent!  Praise God!

But there no way to avoid this above grieving process by the way.  Change is loss.  Loss must be grieved.  And grieving causes suffering.  As such, there are no short cuts to enlightenment, no cliff notes to wisdom, no discernment sharpening devices sold on Amazon and shipped to your door step made that can cheat the system of human soul ascension via personal growth.

Everything in your life will need to re-evaluated.  Everyone you've ever held in high regard or dubbed as "righteous" per "traditional culture" norms will quickly come into fast question. This includes your religions and their Sunday morning above reproach spiritual leaders, the soda pop you drink and the popular music you listen to on the radio.

All are cabal control devices.

And don't get me started on tv news--when you turn on your set your literally willingly agreeing to be lied to as THERE IS NO TRUTH ON TV.

This reconstitution of what's true versus what's a lie includes everyday facets of American culture like sports, holidays, public education, war, life expectancy, collegiate research findings, petrol energy, usury and yes "alien" existence.

Disclosure is not only coming people of earth (a new show on TBS), but it's already here and just waiting to be announced.  That's also part of GESARA.

We've been lied to folks.  Not a little, not even a lot.  Absolutely.  Intentionally.  And for as long as any of our known ancestors have been alive.

Thus, the cabal gained control over all aspects of our human experience and deliberately kept the masses ignorant via their vast and absolute network of proven control mechanisms.

So Yosef, you're saying they already control the masses and that control is absolute?  Yes, or at least it was till yesterday when the Paris Agreement was ratified (aka GESARA, GCR, RV, nuclear weapons elimination, etc.).

Your also saying that for almost as long as humanity has even existed, we've been slaves to this dark cabal?

Yes, since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria.  This is why they feel they own us because they've been able to manipulate our thinking, limit our lifespans and alter our genetics as white skin is not native to the earth, yet white leaders are made to be viewed as in charge of most every black, brown, and yellow dominated population.

There's been alien intervention in the human race and why many refer to Saturnalias rebellion as Satan's rebellion against God.  They come from a completely different star system and have hidden their existence and influence due to higher mind intellect.  Human beings just couldn't complete with their intellect / power.

Sorry to be the one to bear such bad news, but just as I told you the truth of $26,000 ZIM sovereign rates (blessings), everything just stated above is also true (burdens).

Still want to redeem your ZIM notes and fight the aliens ?  As only the true Chosen Ones will seek to right all that has been made wrong by the dark cabal.  Is that who you are?  A freedom fighter?  Is that why you got into the currencies?  Are you prepared to fight the ignorance of the world?  Can you handle the coming sense of isolation due to your new super sudden wealth and and advanced knowledge of human history?

If not, keep one note, get the lowest rate without signing an NDA and burn the rest of your precious currency.  Know you soul rests in the balance.

If so, go for the highest sovereign rate on all currencies and take back your species you and planet.  The weak kneed need not apply.  The world needs humanitarian heroes not sleeping heirs to Yeshua's reserved wealth.

I love and trust all of you enough as brothers and sisters of the light to share these truths with others, but I don't expect even a small minority's to be able to handle the responsibilities that come with this kind of responsibility.

Yes, the ZIM is the rockstar of the RV monetarily speaking, but emotionally it's also a monster for potential suffering for the spiritually unprepared--which sadly is the vast majority.

You deserve to be advised of both outcomes and thus knowingly choose your fate as a sovereign citizen of the universe.

The good news is for a few of you, once the truth has finally gotten out, which it has at a faster pace since 1996 when the Saturnalia overseers were made to leave by the Galactic Federation--the once seemingly all powerful, secretive dark cabal will now be exposed and crumble under the weight of their ancient lies, for the masses will now see their absolute deception and revolt.

In fact, the NPTB are trying to reveal these hard truths regarding humanity's former enslavement slowly, while also maintaining the peace.  Not an easy combination to accomplish.

Thanks to all who are serving and protecting the innocence of humanity. You know who you are.  We are all very fortunate to have you anonymously serving in our favor--even if most are too asleep still to know what is truly going on behind the scenes.

God is with us.