Friday, November 18, 2016

Republic Intel Update - Friday 11:11PM November 18, 2016

Received via email.....

Republic Update
November 18, 2016


"Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil."
--Friedrich Nietzsche


Aloha Currency Community,

So much of our lives is spent battling the forces of evil with all that is good within us. 

Sometimes we are the windshield.  Sometimes the bug.  Sometimes we never leave the garage.

But always we heroically wrestle within ourselves in what feels like a constant sumo match of virtue, forcing out fear and illusion from from our ring of love and truth.

The RV is such a struggle.

Is this real?  Is it as abundant as they say?  Is it really here?  Is such a thing even possible?  What else can the world hope to possibly rescue it financially?  AM I loved this much by God?  Why me?  How come I see and feel a world that no one else around me believes in let alone acknowledges?

Yet we keep walking by faith--and often times faith alone--driven towards some finish line that burns inside of each us, yet will never be respected by those closest to us.

We were chosen.  They were not.  Sobeit.

And yet, here we all are--hopeful and expectant.  Calm and studied.  Prepared and awaken.  We have been forged like steel inside this invisible ring of truth and have forced out what once seemed like an insurmountable foe... the cabal.  We did our part.  And we didn't quit.

At 6am EDT Saturday morning, the "special jubilee" ends Sunday in New Zealand at midnight (16 hours ahead).  This moment marks the completion of an era transition from Pieces to Aquarius.  It also marks the official T4 start of the RV.

This is our Alpha and Omega moment in service of all humanity as leaders of the new earth.  Now begins a new individual philanthropic journey yet ends our collective currency journey together.

The AIIB, WF and Republic all had final detailed meetings today, and went carefully over everything under the sun regarding the RV rollout, as well as future Psy-Ops to deny its existence.

Yes, General Joseph Dunford was involved today, and we should all be grateful for his participation in these final hours; as his ability to plan and execute flawless missions is legendary in military circles and precisely the reason why he was selected to implement a restored Republic roll out. 

Thank you Fighting Joe.  You are a great patriot--as are the nameless and faceless White Hats under your command. 

We understand these meetings arrived at a firm release time, agreed upon by all, with several back up options all on the table tonight, with the basic goal to slip in the RV over the weekend before the Thanksgiving Day holiday buying season. 

We understand that the global debt jubilee has occurred and will now find its way down to the general populations of all nations.

As reported in earlier posts, we were expectant of the opening of the Saint Germaine Trust that included the Matrix Funds reserved for humanity (69 zeros)--we understand this release occurred earlier in the week.  All by the grace and mercy of God.

Starting domestic and international screen rates have now been loaded.  And sovereign rates that have long been showing have been restricted. 

And as of yesterday, the Admiral's funds  even were made available for release.  That's long awaited good news for many who spent time in Reno.

Iraqi banks are all freely pinging with other world banks and the IQD is showing a double digit international rate right now.

Worldwide banking notifications went out yesterday alerting all global banks to prepare for the immanent revaluation of currencies over the weekend.

Other than that, not much going on.

God is with us.