Sunday, November 13, 2016

Republic Update - November 13, 2016

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"Front Door"
Republic Update
November 13, 2016


"Dignity does not come from avenging insults, especially from violence that can never be justified. It comes from taking responsibility and advancing our common humanity."  -- Hillary Clinton


​Aloha Community,

So many SITREPs, Updates, ​Prophecies, Calls, Thoughts, Quotes, Songs, Poems… the information coming at you must be dizzying.

Yet, here we are.  Across the finish line now, without the understanding the race has even ended.  Bizarre.  But you know, because you've been paying attention and Patrick at Dinar Chronicles gave us all a format by which would could express whatever our truths were. 

Thank you Patrick.  Remarkable job.  Always professional, always here for the community.  Mahalo nui loa, Brother.

That's right, it's over. 

But are you in the bank?  Not quite yet, but soon.  Structurally, at least it's over.  Which makes going into the bank but a small function of the much larger accomplishment of complete global financial, military, government and geopolitical transition.

All of this epic change will now come over completely seamless, the end and beginning appearing to be the same, which started in New Zealand today at 4pm EDT Sunday (10am Monday in NZ). 

Interesting how there were two severe earth quakes one in the Philippines and one in New Zealand right after Grandfather released the world from bondage.  The last acts of a desperate cabal IMHO.

It seems whatever cabal forces are left felt two tsunamis  might stop the Rachael Victoria from making an appearance… silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

As for hard facts for the those that are addicted to hard facts… here are but a few:

The full and complete release of funds came at 12:05am EDT Sunday morning out of Shenzhen, after consultation and final release approval from Grandfather somewhere in the mountains of China.

Bank of China / HSBC gave Wells Fargo here in North America the final release or access codes they had been missing all this time.  Several times false codes were given and entered to draw out thieves and scallywags.  Which caused us to knee jerk into place and be prepared.  Hence the many "pump fakes" of Intel you experienced.  All by design for a benevolent purpose.

Why is this time different?  Holiday season 2016 and the US Election popular vote being complete.  Now they can go because those two realities are pressing the NPTB to implement that GCR/RV for the greater good of humanity. 

The world needs a massive economic stimulus and fast, that comes in the form of a helicopter drop of money into the US economy, which make very few products now, yet buys an amazing amount of goods.  As a result, the United States political scene needed to be on firm ground, which includes the executive, legislative and judicial branches before the GCR/RV could be released. 

Once Trump got faux elected, things began moving very quickly, as did liquid funds into new gold backed accounts from the AIIB central monetary processing computers.  I say faux, because Donald Trump is a 70 year old, monster child molester and known cabal family member who was made to run for president against another 70 year old, monster child molester and known cabal family member.  Both were put up for slaughter in the public eye, so that the Chinese and Russians could install their candidate of choice to run their bankrupted new asset--the Republic of the United States. 

That candidate is Paul Ryan, who selected Mike Pence to be his Vice President, and recently announced Ryan Prebius as his chief of staff.  You may not like Ryan, you may love him.  Doesn't matter.  Your country went bankrupt and that's who are largest creditors choose to run the restored Republic. 

Trump will strategically be told to drop out for "personal reasons" after more of his scandals are leaked out via Wikileaks.  this will occur well before December 19, 2016 when the elector college is scheduled to vote.  You can see the very controlled mainstream media already beginning to leak this reality. 

The heat suddenly swelling up around president-elect Trump will appear as too much, with the country being too upset to see him inaugurated--Democrats and Republicans alike--and hell patriotically fall on his own sword because he will boast that he did what he set out to do, which was to beat Hillary, and accomplished a huge benevolent act. 

Folks, Trump will get paid as soon as he bows out, and not a second before.  Please know he's just as guilty as any other cabal member that was either exiled and forced to resign.  And if you don't believe this fact, try getting a gambling license anywhere in the world without being a longtime loyal cabal member.  Can't happen. 

Gambling = cabal.  Drugs = cabal.  Usury = cabal.  Sex trafficking = cabal.  Pornography = cabal.  Any vice that yields money or control has been controlled by the cabal.  That's how corrupt our nation was, and to some extent still is.  There's a lot of swamp left to drain.  The irony of Trump's drain the swamp campaign is that he's one of the dirtiest scumbags in the fucking swamp he claims to be draining.  Just crazy.  Yet true.   And oddly, everyone knows it, yet 60 million plus people voted for him.  That's even more crazy.  But I digress...

So as Trump is made to exist, the GOP will have an instant dilemma of whom to nominate per the electoral college vote as required by the Constitution.  Paul Ryan will be the obvious and consensus choice.  As you see, both Hillary and Donald were but fake candidates, running in a fake election, to win the a fake Presidency of a fake corporation that went legally bankrupt in international court and permanently defaulted when Puerto Rico went bankrupt as a sovereign nation in 2015--because that is where the USA, Inc was incorporated.  

I know, appears unthinkably complicated on the surface.  Yet it's simplistic in design if you understand our nation since 1871 has been a mimicked corporate copy of the original Republic of the United States. 

The brutal truth is nearly 320 million Americans are fooled every election cycle.  Yet there's strategic logical to the entire cabal operation, including the fact that Chinese and Russian planners allowed, even orchestrated, another fake election for American's own benefit, as faking yet another elaborate campaign scenario was necessary to keep the American population asleep, thus calm when their nation would be transitioned militarily, financially, politically and geopolitically.  

Sure it's an obtuse strategy to ponder, yet it just happened, again, and did anyone other than Hillary Clinton's campaign saying anything about the Russians or Chinese controlling our elections?  Not really.  Trump talked about the fact our elections were rigged, but who would have thought they were rigged in his favor to eventually throw him aside in favor of Ryan?

What we got is yet another "normal" presidential election EVEN IF IT WAS ALL 100% BENEVOLENTLY RIGGED because the popular vote means absolutely zilch per our own US Constitution.  And the "electoral college" amendment, which was installed by the cabal as a safety override of the popular vote, and put in place by Alexander Hamilton (who was the same cabal agent who tried to float the concept of a private bank printing our nations money supply which later became the Federal Reserve), actually now is serving our country because it will lead to Paul Ryan being nominated and elected as the 45th President.

Remember, there's not just pressure coming at the NPTB from a general currency population at the bottom looking to climb up in a hurry, but there's equal if not greater pressure coming from the top down, forcing heaven's mandate on an unknown schedule they cannot know, yet must follow.  It's not an easy job transitioning the world. 

Thank you so very much to all the ladies and gentlemen who participated over these many decades, both alive and deceased.  Their sacrifices and expertise were greatly appreciated.  As a community of currency beneficiaries, we are eternally grateful for your selfless service.

As for your currency exchange, we are told everything, and we mean everything, is ramping up since this morning's green light from Grandfather down to Wells Fargo.  Couriers are driving around getting into position to drop off prosperity packages, farmers claims, humanitarian packages, and Internet guru and currency seller NDAs.  They want to be as stealth as possible, which includes silencing those with voices on the net and currency left in stock.

We believe 800#s will be forthcoming anytime after 8pm EDT this evening into the wee hours of the night.  We've heard rumbling about 800#s being released also on Monday evening late, and public redemptions starting on Tuesday November 15th.  But we advised everyone to stay updated either way. 

When know the United Nations and IMF both made their announcements at public venues and will be releasing those transcripts on their websites after the RV has come and gone at the private exchange level.  Seems the NPTB are bringing the RV through the front door now, without any hesitation because they have indeed killed the beast that was cabal rebellion against humanity.

All praise and glory to God the Father.  We are so incredibly humbled and thankful to be alive and participating in this galacticly dynamic event, whereby the Creator of All life resets and recalibrates our innocent species (mankind) to be monumentally blessed as our divine spark, His eternal over soul, is again aligned with our Creator's Will above all others.

We are now to be complete.  A race of equals returned to proper status among our universal brothers and sisters.  One of one, all in service of the Most High, as promised to humanity by Yeshua, the God frequency incarnate in man.  Sobeit.

God is with us.