Tuesday, January 31, 2017

"Global Chrystal Reset / Reversal" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Philosophical Challenge - Tuesday - January 31, 2017


Here's a philosophical challenge post for you, Dinarland. 

What if lies are not only the exact opposite of truths, but inversely, what if truth is exact opposite of a lie.  Sounds simple enough, right?  White is black, and black is white.  Yes.  But what if white and black are the same (also known as "antipodal"). 

What if the vast majority of human culture existed in this antipodal state of being?  Meaning, everything that looked real was really in a state of false reality, or in its exact opposite state of organic purpose, so that one day, we could all understand the truth more deeply from the depth of such a lie?

Yosef, little white man, you crazy.  Wait, it gets better.

What if all lies have been intentionally made to appear as truths from the time we were born, for generations, even millenniums; and what if all truths were made to appear as lies, to cover up said truth for this precise moment in time?  Wham-Pow!  That just happened!  Check please!

I know right, such a complex theory … it's disturbing just to contemplate let alone own.  Nobody wants to open a dictionary and realize every word has intentionally been misspelled as well as all the meanings purposely mis-defined just to conceal some overarching cosmic truth that differs from its words and definitions. 

That's just … well, down right evil, beyond understanding.  Because that would mean the bad guys actually had some kind of noble calling to help create optimal contrast by which we, humanity, could learn some more fulfilling spiritual lesson.  And we know Dick Cheney is not benevolent.  Or is he?

Yo-dude-sef, I just wanted to make a few easy bucks with my currency and retire into the sunset, maybe do a few cool humanitarian projects, but not this man.  Not this.  Ah, my friends, but the GCR/RV is so much more.  So, so much more.

Now if you want off this philosophical bus to face melt, the time is now.  Because for those that desire to go a litter deeper with this antipodal theory, we'll be headed into the realm of the impossible actually not only being possible, but so, which will melt a few faces IAM certain.

I used to have permission slip people had to sign before sharing this… but my secretary quit to go on some Black Hole vacation … those Pleadians are so righteous.  So instead, just take a deep breath… really, I'll wait… breathe deeply in… and open your third eye for the duration of this post as I intend to propose something even more radical, real and unreal in the same blink.

What if everything we've ever been taught about being human was an outright lie.  And what all the lies are now being corrected in our lifetime? 

Shut the time travel portal and pour me a drink Mr. Padded White Cell!

What if everything wrong was now being made right?  Everything, everything. 

And what if all the cabal's malevolent lies we're not benevolent, but will now be gently exposed, one by one, in some perfectly agreed upon harmonic way agreed to be galactic treaty (GESARA); whereby leaked truth is already flooding out into the collective consciousness, here tonight, like right now, pronto Tonto? 

What if this whole GCR/RV event was but pre-planned pay-op bridge, built brick by brick to transport human consciousness, so that the insane could slowly be understood as sane, as destructive chaos converts into effortless calm?

Brothers and Sisters, what a day that would be, yes?  Well, I propose that is our shared today, and everyday moving forward from this post on.  We're kinda married in existential wedlock now.  So you know, I sonar.  Deal with it. 

Everything that was existed as truth (was a lie), with reality just a lie (which is the truth).

What if the species of mankind is somehow cosmically losing its ignorance (and innocence to some extent), not so much being forced to face our sins as millennia past demanded such surrender, but rather forced to accept our divinity as a unconditionally loved Child of God for all eternity going forward? 

Ouch.  That could really be a much more painful surrender because we were lead astray, yet in a wonderful kinda way as to ascend with ferocious velocity when the truth was discovered. 

What if instead of being forced to live some grand cabal lie woven into all aspects of modern culture, all were made to live the truth of God's original creation?  Not so much to become pure again through deed, but simple to wake up and remember our inherent and endless beauty as a Child of God. 

What if we are, all, right now, participating in some cosmic adjustment to reset humanity back to the way our Creator intended in the first organic position as human beings?  This gives new meaning to the old term, on Earth as in Heaven, yes?  Maybe Earth is really Heaven?  And instead of having to earn our way to some other place, we're already here and just must accept (remember) our common truth to simply start enjoying its abundant fruits? 

Talk about an Antipodal Theory!  That would mean we're all on the other side of the RV already?  And that the RV… whoa… the RV isn't really about money but consciousness… ascension… a test to determine our willingness to accept unconditional love?

And if this is true, oh Yosef, if this is true instead of obsessing over the news, politics, dates, rates and project prospectuses like I've been doing… I can just stop right where IAM, and simply apply this stupid little Antipodal Theory of everything existing in an  "exact opposite" state of being … and instantly I'll see, hear, read, listen to, taste and witness in the modern day from a higher consciousness… a place of pure thrush… and be able not only to see the lies moving forward… but point them out to others who are struggling to achieve this kind of epiphany of comprehension. 

Perhaps then Yosef, we could make perfect sense of what is really happening together, on this site and others, no matter the publicized event: domestic, military, financial or geopolitical. 

And maybe, just maybe, we could own the silence buried in all the noise, where God would speak to us and continue this dialog, accelerating our awakening at whatever pace we were comfortable continuing. 

Dude, I'm in.   Pass the agape bliss juice and fire up the Michael Phelps!

Because it is my understanding that such a radical antipodal theory exists--and quite frankly, is the only logical explanation to that appears utterly unexplainable. 

Now I won't get into the detail of the 120 required days GESARA demanded after the October 5, 2016 ratification date of the Paris Agreement (which has a February 2, 2107 performance deadline), but since we're all committed to following the truth no matter where it leads now because we're married… do try and remember this little Antipodal Theory as it will help perpetually shed light onto an otherwise darkening series events.

Everything Dinarland, and I mean everything that was made to appear false is now unraveling into its organic truth--and our GCR right or wrong really stands for "Galactic Chrystal Reset," with the hidden RV meaning being "reversal" and not "revaluation."  Phew, cats finally out of the bag. 

Now we can all exhale and kiss the bride/groom. 

God is with us.