Sunday, April 23, 2017

"Elegant" - GCR/RV Commentary - Sunday - April 23, 2017

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Sure we broke through the sound barrier last night sometime right after midnight, but did you shed a tear for the old financial system as it was completely vanished and turned off?   No funeral.  No attention.  No force.  Just transition.

Quietly.  Professional.  Elegant.

Now the ancient relics of mankind's enslavement, papered global currencies and sovereign historic bonds, may come home to burn and convert into new digital credits.  No drama.  No disruption to value.  No hyper inflation.  Just the physical removal of all fiat instruments, replaced with asset backed credits on a quantum computing mainframe.

Simple.  Easy.  Elegant.

And as France today completes its election process (2pm EST) and world banks and markets open for business (6pm EST), will you see Emmanuel Marcon introduced as the next French Prime Minister or the end of cabal dominance in European politics?  Less struggle.  And riots or upheavals.  Just happenstance my of fact in this our new Golden Age.

Profound.  Dynamic.  Elegant.

All structural changes necessary to transition planetary control have now been completed from banking to geopolitics, military to media, and said reformations occurred all on the fly while humanity was left wildly trapeezing above all that chaos, as the earth was mercifully readjusted beneath our netless feet.  No societal collapse.  No prophesized WW3.  No spiritual Armageddon.  Just peace and prosperity.

Abundantly.  Perpetual.  Elegant.

Today is the new day you've all been waiting and praying for.  Sobeit.

God is with us.