Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spirituality with Pine Cone: Subtle Inner Realm

Received via email from Pine Cone......

Negative elementals send bad vibes out to another, and mature in the other, and as they bounce back to the sender, the sender perceives their original energetic anomalies much stronger, as if the increasing morphogenetic-disregard field of energy has a life of its own now. Identification of a group negative elemental exponentially increases, and exponentially matures in the Subtle Inner Realm, so whenever any Physical ID of a ‘this, or a that’ the ‘that or a this’ increases divisiveness, and matures the Physical-morphogenetic effect back to the ‘this/that, or that/this negative collective SHTF effectual causal.

Imagine a haunted house where one, then two, and more people increase, and mature divisive Physical-fear, so that, as enough Physical-fear elementals increase divisiveness, the “That-haunted house” becomes the antithesis of the “This-collective need to polarize/demonize” into maturing Physical anomalies. When the area surrounding the haunted House matures, as the number of physical senders increase in divisive elemental agreement, the morphogenetic-evil field of energy takes on a life of it’s own.

Before demonizing ‘that’, from ‘this’ got too strong, every individual would feel the hairs on their divisive-burdened backs stand up in fear maturing back to their co-creativity, but afterward, anyone who came close enough or, especially entered this divisive anomaly, everyone would suffer illness, death, bad luck, or open portals to all other welcome haunting fields of evil lower Light frequency vibration elementals.

The subtle part of this Inner Realm elemental phenomena, especially seems subtle when either gender becomes a ‘this’, or a ‘that’ divisive elemental, because, even that we think we are a ‘this sex’ or a ‘that sex’ sends out negative elementals, that mature, and come right back increasing fear of separation enough to, eventually cause more Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal Haunted-lifetimes of illness, death, bad luck, and open portals welcome haunting fields of of evil lower Light frequency vibration Dark-elementals.

Gender gang collectives send out exponential increases of morphogenetic-narcissistic fields of energy maturing undaunted divisiveness with, so much powerful co-creating forces, that whole Countries assume they are the ‘this, or that’ good/bad guys, and their target are the realer ‘that or this’ bad/good girls. The these Satanic Country/Companies compete so badly, that America Quantum-demonizes others and, then plays the victim-role in reaction to other’s normal responses, just like the, so called innocent-sex does to their other-gender elemental Patsies.

Immortal Love Spiritual Bonding Delight Unity seems to become the ‘lack’ of any Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetime maturing elementals from Identifying Physical-roles, the nemesis of Christ Forgivening Conscience. Imagine for a moment where all the Wars come from then, and support this treatise with all the Physical-roles in Haunted Families that co-create genocide, and the money to destroy Nations, as the whole Physical Earth self-destructs to keep enforcing Satanic Earth’s response-in-kind, just so sex initiation can achieve it’s ‘this, or that’ Physical self-hate elemental Haunting bigotry, denied?

“Is it a girl, or is it a boy?” sends out negative elementals, that keep maturing into Haunted Families<Haunted sex-gangs>Haunted America> Haunted Patsy-countries, and right back at ya without anything left of our suffering World of fear, except Physical-evil Morphogenetic-Idolatry fools, without any ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love energy, pretending Earth is, just another female-victim respond-in-kind Haunted Mother-paradise Posse-patsy. Girls, and boys have it really bad, but after Physical ID gets going the whole World mirrors our negative elementals right back onto us, as if this not-so-subtle Physical Poo Poo World self-destructs in our maturing Spy-movie 60 seconds, with a Mother-Patsy divisive mind of its own.

“Pine Cone” doesn’t send out a gender ID, and may pretend a ‘this’ part of a tree, but my take on Pine Cone is the name I give to the Pineal Portal third eye, into the Subtle Inner realm where neither gender goes to the bathroom on any other’s need to play ‘Haunted-head’ for any other ‘this, or that’ Physical-role maturing ‘grown-down drone’ sex-initiate. A Pinetree is said to be a giant Crystalline base, with Pine Cone kindness fractal ONENESS Spirit Conscience, as a Spiritual-metaphor interconnected telepathically, but not so Physically subdued, imbued, or engender-fried, so Heaven-welcome to ‘our’ Subtle Inner Realm, girls and boys.

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