Saturday, July 8, 2017

"High Noon" - GCR/RV Sitrep - Saturday - July 8, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......


At high noon today, Saturday 12:00 EDT, one source said "RV was still on track."

Another source hinted the banks and military were "RWA" (Ready, Willing and Able).

A third source emailed "no change... it's tonight."

A fourth source just alerted me to this fact, "Federal accounting books reconcile on July 15 for the second quarter."  Assuming this means all privates need to be complete before then.  Sure hope so.

So it still looks like tonight after the banks close which is 8pm EDT.

Trump walking away from the G20 in a fit of rage was a staged temper tantrum--as he got nothing more of what he wanted on top of what he was already getting for playing burner POTUS#45.

China said "you're fired."  Seriously, a source said someone in the Chinese diplomatic delegation said that right to his face today.  Hilarious stuff!

Ryan will reset the US back to the Paris Agreement publicly when sworn in-as privately nothing was yet engaged diplomatically to remove the US from the Paris Agreement.

So Trump is pure orange bluster.  Zero substance and power.  Fascinating to watch play out.  Embarrassing too.  Sobeit.

Look for Ryan to place Republic currency back into a gold standard as his first big decision being POTUS#46.

Also, there's no more NDA we're hearing.  But the structured payout programs will include a more advanced non-disclosure clause, nothing out of the normal but more internationally binding and broader in scope.

The NPTB have trained ZIM redeeming staff to push structures programs for client safety and bank principal control long-term.

Honestly, it is best we receive this sized blessing in smaller annual dosages anyway.

God is with us.