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Ginger's Guidelines On How To Reclaim Your Strawman Accounts

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GINGER'S POST ~ Reclaim Your Accounts

This is a complete instruction package that I have created.  With forms and phone numbers

The information that I would also like to include and I will call Tank to get into this a little further, please forward this to Fisher so he may review it and if any of you have questions or need help, I am here for all of you.

Here is the latest stuff I have found this weekend and have discussed and sent to Tank but here they are belo

1,  This is the new prepaid credit card 

2.  This is the way to get access to the large funds held with your social security accounts

So in order to be clear!  Steps to take to access social security master accounts
  1. Redeem Birth Cert.
  2. File UCC in state of birth and in one of the three redemptions States.
  3. Post your bond with Treasury.
  4. Once you receive confirmation (green card) from Treasury bond is activated.
  5. Apply for CUSIP number through
  6. Open up Commercial Account and TDA account.
  7. Apply for DTC registration. Obtain Counsel.
  8. Bond becomes live again on stock market.
  9. Pull down funds from TDA through pass through account.
  10. Start paying debts.
  11. You can never walk into a bank and get cash from this commercial account! You may only pay bills. Once transfer bank receives funds they will immediately issue a MT760 to block this account. This MT760 can not be monetized only debt payments!

3, this is the link to find your CUSIP number is you have not found yours on your social security card or birth certificates.    

Calculate the Value of Your Paper Savings Bond(s)

Locations | America's First Federal Credit Union

This will be the master universal number it is Americas First Federal Credit Union and the routing code is 262083881. this number comes right off the Social Security Administration from locations and Banks to use.  They will tell you its a Federal Reserve Bank, but the Social Security Administration is not Federal or the pseudo use of the word, in any way.  Make sure you make this clear to Paypal and Amazon, when you try to make this your primary account, believe me I am creating a game called the Paypal Game, if you get thru the Matrix, you get a prize, I guess I am there I can write echecks and have a World Mastercard.  I even got a letter from Paypal, I may be the most responsible customer they ever had I think I am up to 16 phone calls, over 12 hours and had to go up 4 levels in reps to get this done, but whatever I had to do to get real people real money I DID IT.

This is what I have been working on this weekend along with a volunteer list from every State, of volunteers in case they are needed to work the Hospitals, Welfate systems and Meals on Wheels and other critical services like Grocery Stores and gas stations.  I have almost 400 people ready to help from all over the country and world.  We are organizing teams in every State, whether they are needed or not to be sure that no one is left behind.

Thanks Ginger

Below is the complete instruction list, but this information changes every single day, I report what I find with the latest information everyday.
Complete Instruction List


This is a sample copy of the steps to take to access your I call them the TDA accounts.  Keep in mind this is a long process, you must take ownership of your accounts and follow through by being persistent.
The process to get Amazon and Paypal accounts set up is extensive but after September 15, 2017 and all ACH Payments (Automated Clearing House) will be effective for all.  I believe complete and precise instructions will be made available but I have taken the steps and tried to make them easy to understand instructions for all.

This ACH system is a brand new system and you must remember they do not know who you are so you must send off identity documents your IDs so they know who you are.  It is time consuming, but once completely finished the results are amazing.  Do not get discouraged, its a process I find if I was stuck I would call the people back and stayed very persistent to make this work.  The faster we all do the steps the faster this will be up and running for all of us.

Steps to follow

1.  Gather your Identity Documents which are your Birth Certificate (long form), your Drivers License, Social Security Card as well as your passport are your identity documents.  You are required to have two of these identity documents but I explained if you do not have them you may use a utility bill or cable bill that is for your home.

2.  What you are trying to do when accessing your routing codes to use for the banks is to figure out which region you belong to which there are 12 total in the US.  You may find your region through this link
3.  What you are looking for when you go to search for the routing code that is for you, is a Lessor Bank that links up with your Federal Bank region bank that was established in step 2.  I do this by looking at the chart off the 

US Bank Locations

4.  You want the routing codes to match these criterias: Has ACH payments and Fedwire payments and the routing code will begin with the same number that is the first number on your social security card (front of card).  In other words mine starts with a 4 so my number would be a 04 number that offers ACH and Fed Services.
5.  This is a sample chart that contains numbers that may work for you they match all the criteria in step 4 except you must call Telecheck to get the routing codes verified.  If you do this next step, it can save reversals and lots of time.

6.  Call Telecheck services the phone number is (800) 366-2425
Telecheck Services, Inc, Phone

7,  When you speak to Telecheck tell them you would like to Verify your accounts to make sure they work.  They will go check the routing code and the account, and they come back and see we see no holds or declines on your account.  This means this is a good account number so I asked if they could send me a copy of the verification and I was told it would take 30 days and I said that is fine.

8.  Now you are ready to tackle the big beasts of Amazon and Paypal, because you know that your accounts are verified and this gives you leverage with both Amazon and Paypal so I went to each site and made sure all entries were correct and changed all phone numbers and addresses and pulled off old credit cards that were expired.  Then once I was done I began with adding my TDA Accounts onto the perspective websites.  I went to My account on each site and went into payment options.  At the very bottom you will see Add a Bank Account.  This is actually an echeck or an ACH routing payment that you are adding to your account.  I careful checked the numbers that I entered into the verified routing codes as the routing code and entered my social security card number on front is the Account number.  If they ask it is a business account as this is the business of your name.

9.  Once all the payments options are added and set it will prompt you that two small deposits have been added to the account.  To enter the amounts listed off the ledger.  You can not do this step as you can not see the ledger so the best way to do this is to call each service Amazon 1 (888) 280-4331   

10.  Tell the clerk at Amazon that you can not see the ledger as this account is a private trust and you do not see the ledger.  They will tell you they can not see the ledger for 7 business days.  Mark on a Calendar the day to call them back.  Do the same steps for Paypal 1 (888) 221-1161   

12.  Same process for paypal, mark down on the calendar when to call them back.

13.  Once you get verified ask Paypal about the credit card and check services because they have preapproved World Mastercards for each American citizens.

14.  Open your mind and begin to think of all the services you can now use with your accounts.

15.  I have found trading platforms, and merchant accounts, as well as social security credit unions.  

16.  You can call any vendors that offer echeck systems and do a routing code over the phone until the Mastercards arrive and then we will all be set up.

17.  The Mastercards are the reward for completing your Paypal accounts as there is a prepaid Mastercard issued for all of us through the Comenity Capital Bank for Paypal.  You will still have to go through Paypal, even if you do not have a Paypal account as this Mastercard has a preapproved code in it, and until I finished having my Paypal set up properly the code would not have been included in my application.  I expect to see my World Mastercard within 5 days.