Friday, August 18, 2017

TruthEarth.Org - Live Stream Event - Sunday 8/20 at 12:34 PM AZ Time

Live Stream Event this Sunday 8/20 at 12:34 PM AZ Time

After finally getting my live-stream all set-up and tested I have scheduled an event for this upcoming Sunday at 12:34 p.m. AZ time. I created a page that will convert the time for your time zone if you feel guided to check it out from your location:

I will be presenting information I put together for my meetup group which took place a few weeks back. I apologize about not doing it sooner but I didn’t realize the demands of a good quality live-stream. The right cables must be purchased and the right equipment must be in play in order for everything to run smoothly. I have a new laptop and everything I need to make this happen now which I am excited about!

My intention is to make The Event and world changes as real as possible, which I believe I have done with the articles and videos I’ve dug up.

I hope to see you there! Light and love.