Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Yosef (2) Updates - September 6, 2017

"Voila" - GCR/RV SITREP - Wednesday - September 6, 2017

The benevolents are all watching everything we do, say and think.

Remember they are telepathic and have been watching over humanity for millennia too.

Both the naughty and nice are being observed for their actions.  And they miss nothing to answer your post question Leo.

They blew up several "secrete" cabal DUMBs (look it up) this weekend and basically stopped a nuclear war from starting.


Prayers are actions.
Posts are actions.
Websites are actions.
Projects are actions.
Redemptions are actions.
Mercy is action.

So be fearless in your commitment to seek the truth, even if it means ruffling a few feathers as you fly right on by.

Remember, all great conductors must eventually turn their back on the crowd in order to lead their own symphony.

The choice for this community IMHO is when do you leave the pre-RV consciousness for your post-RV life.

Because once I sincerely made that leap... there was no going back... and I blindly trusted that the universe would find a way to manifest my heart's deepest desires.

Next thing you know 45,000 people were suddenly following behind me, and an old/new sovereign funding source magically appeared.


That's what the Human Angel mercy movement is all about... fearless and selfless top down, post-RV action for those who spiritually MUST leave the lower currency vibration and start their ascension into new more abundant philanthropic reality.  RV release or not.

You're welcome to sign up for the mercy movement at if you have yet to do so.

We're now over 90% full now in terms of in-taking new members, with over 1,250 new subscribers just today.

Humbling to witness.

Plus, once you're in the Human Angel arc, there's a special treat waiting for everyone willing to go a little further and cross over that rickety pre-RV bridge just a little early than the others.

Mercifully, our group has absolutely no more reliance on currencies per se and everything to do with steady global project funding:)

So we go now!

The Human Angel website (name and logo) will be announced / revealed on Wednesday's Clarion Call at 9pm EDT.

Know too that we're working our tails off making everyone the very best homepage & project portal to allow our members a reliable and dynamic platform to do their own greater good service for humanity.

See you on Wednesday night with all our benevolent and earthly friends:)

God is with us


"Proactive" - GCR/RV SITREP - Wednesday - September 6, 2017

They pulled the RV back Monday night at 11:59pm PST.  It was disappointing.  I prayed to understand why versus getting mad.

This morning I awoke with knowledge.  Believe don't believe, I share it with the community like always without expectation of approval and an obligation to share.

For some reason God is using me to communicate higher mind thoughts. 

Why did God allow two manmade hurricanes to flood Houston (Harvey) and now threaten all of Florida (Irma)? 


The earth is readjusting on its own axis as it does from era to era.  

Money is therefore not the only reset going on with this planetary transition.  Where people can live and thrive safely is being revealed to humanity with these storms.

Low lying areas in Louisiana, Florida and Texas are all going to be submerged to some extent when the earth does reposition itself when it rebalances.

These hurricanes are thus previews o warnings that change is gonna come geographically and to get ahead of it.

Don't believe?  Ok.  But look at what China has been building for decades anticipating this same planetary shift as the earth's axis rebalances their shorelines.

Understand that everything (negative and positive) serves the greater good, on a macro scale globally and micro level personally.  

Thus seeing "the God" in everything is a logical scientific position if you first understand that all is created by the loving hand of a merciful God.

Making the current problems humanity has all self induced.  God has opened the gates of Heaven, yet we as abused, broken and genetically manipulated species are acting as sheep afraid to walk through darkness into the light.

Simple as that.  We're frozen in fear.

The North Korean nuclear scare is utterly impotent.  Another weapon of mass destruction will NEVER be allowed to be detonated above or below the surface of the earth.

Trump is but a temporary orange drink stain that comes out when washed away with just a little Congressional scrubbing.

So what's humanity waiting on?  Another hurricane to flood our major cities and drain back out to sea?

Humanity is waiting on NOTHING!  

And that's the whole problem--the delay of you will.  

We are so use to being denied access to the graces of Heaven, we don't remember we have the ability to move forward freely now with absolute confidence.

God is allowing all these current natural disasters, as well as political disasters named Trump, Netanyahu, Maduro, Poroshenko and Jong-un, so that we will be forced to walk through His long opened gate of graces. 

Trump's resignation is thus a reactive not proactive RV event that will occur after the new financial system is introduced. We got the order wrong.

And Irma will react the same way when humanity wants the great storm of life to drift out to sea, but first we must walk through His Heavenly gate and into our infinite reality.

Be, do, have is not by definition have, do and be.  Freedom = Freedom.  The benevolents are waiting on us, and we are not waiting on ANYTHING!  

Until as a species we remember this fact, the hurricanes will keep coming and Trumps will keep making horrible decisions, creating more and more chaos for the next administrations to clean up.

This historic walk forward by humanity is scary, I get that... until it's not!  

And quite honestly, a fearless way forward is the only logical pathway to creating a proactive solution that ends our collective suffering in all it's many painful yet illusionary forms.  Sobeit.

God is with us.