Monday, January 1, 2018

One Last End-of-the-Year Piece by Victoria1111

Alberta, Amazing, Banff, Beautiful, Blue

This is a brief one, but something I have been feeling and pondering lately.

So much talk now, of course, about 2018.  Numerologically it is a “2” year.

And yet, we have been lied to about every single darn thing, including what “year” it is.

So I no longer care if it’s a 2 year or a 3 or 4, etc.

I have the creative ability to make it ANY year I wish, ANY energy I wish.

That is My power.

That is Your power.

Personally I am done with calendars.  Clocks.  What astrological sign means this and that.  What number means this and that.  What book says this or that.  What “expert” says this or that.  Fill in the blank….

That all once served a purpose.

But no longer.

For now I am sensing and feeling the New.

An entirely new realm and field.

A pristine piece of land with nothing on it, just awaiting my input.  My creative powers ~ powers that are all online now once again.

Happy End of “all that” and Happy Beginning of the space where ALL IS POSSIBLE once again.