Sunday, February 7, 2016

An update of where things stand - February 7, 2016


Fwd: An update of where things stand

Hey, All!

There are many very good things taking place as we speak. Great strides are being made in the formation of our (the people's) government, the New Republic. So, you haven't heard about it in the main stream media? Has not been the right time yet - until now. The interim President is General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and his Vice President and cabinet have been selected. (Names and faces you will recognize). The UN has given 100% support to the New Republic and as of yesterday (Friday) afternoon, all nine of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court had signed in under the New Republic. This government of the people and by the people has been in formative mode for quite a few years and this is culminating at such a time as this, We have a new currency that will be announced which is asset-backed/gold standard and has real revalue. This is replacing the Federal Reserve Notes - fiat money which now has no value at all.

The United States, Inc, the corporate Government set into place over 100 years ago, overwrote the Constitution and brought this country to its knees and almost to a point of no return. Under this rule, we have been gagged, told what to think, what to purchase, what is acceptable and what is not, what to say and how to say it; our hands have been tied and we have been threatened for opening our mouths in protest of those in charge. We have been told how to raise our children, what we can and cannot say to them, whether or not - and how - they can be disciplined as we have been threatened with fines or jail if we do not comply. Well, the list goes on and on and I am sure you get the picture. Elected officials - especially the president - has for several terms now been bringing about a rule of law and government from which basically all of us have groaned for relief. They have lived by a set of laws that were separate from what was demanded of us, and they never seemed to be held accountable for gross crimes they had committed. The last 8 years we have been ruled by presidential edict called Executive Orders where "laws" were written that totally bypassed our legislative process. All scream "foul", but nothing seems to be done about it.

Well, the tide is turning. Now that the corporate government has been bankrupted and declared defunct and illegitimate, the constitution has once again been reestablished as the law of the land and common law is being set back in. We will see ownership being returned to The People. This interim government is one that will represent all the people, and those in office have been well-trained in bringing us back to Constitutional/common law. We will see the huge "Federal" government dismantled (already in progress), the criminals at all levels of government and banking and finance being held accountable, (been going on for a couple years at a fast pace), and we will see a return to simpler law and court systems. Wealth and freedom to employ our skills will be returned to the hands of the people, (This is already underway and will be coming to the forefront with the Global Currency Reset and the revalue of currencies globally.) The original constitution called for NO TAX ON WAGES and a simpler national government. The States were to be sovereign and ruled by their citizens. Think it can't be done? The flat tax has already been called for in elections of the recent past and for 20 years Ron Paul has been calling for the dismantling of the Fed. This also is already in progress.

It is happening and has been for a while now. There are leaders and people in prominent positions outside the U.S. who are also helping bring this about. Why? Because we have been a large presence and a large economy (at one time) on the world stage and our failure would behoove none of them. We are coming to the point of seeing it manifest. Haven't heard much about it? Well now is your chance. Progress has been made to the point that the New Republic is already set in and the old Fed government is already being dismantled. The "mainstream media" has given agreement to the New Republic to use the Emergency Broadcast System to bring the general public up to speed on what is being re-established; all of this under the blessing and authority of the Supreme Court. Remember 2008 when suddenly faces were appearing on the TV screens telling you the banks were folding and the sky was falling?!? Now we will hear from very recognizable faces in front of the cameras giving us news we have longed for and didn't dare dream would happen.

Interim president? Interim government? Is this a dictatorial takeover? Yes, Yes, and NO! Let's just say the corporation has run its course and we are taking our nation back and rebuilding to bring about the America we have been told all this time really existed but didn't. Quite a sell and quite a facade and quite a house of cards. It is time to bring the Republic to reality. It is constitutional that the government has to be elected by the people; therefore, this interim group will get us started on the road to being the Republic as originally planned and to rebuilding our nation. An election will still take place. Some of the names and faces may be changing. (Count on it).

So, let's just say that we are living in very historic and exciting times. We will have the chance to be part of the answer and the restoration. In a lot of ways our nation has just gone through a birthing process and we will have a lot to do in the coming decade to bring about the real changes that are needed. .

We are clear for announcements - and we wait. There is a great push for this to be done for Monday. May I just say - stay tuned?