Friday, September 30, 2016

RV/GCR Intel - SITREP 18:00 EDT Friday September 30, 2016

Received vial email for publication.....

18:00 EDT
September 30, 2016

TRNs are now digital & all UST assets gold backed. 

Recently passed 2017 Congressional  budget laws are now funded by UST Republic. 

Reno sub group leaders and paymasters are to be hydrated and released by midnight.

UN operational rates will now change.  FOREX rates will follow next week after the private exchange period has completed by Oct. 9.

CNY to become active as an international currency at noon EST Saturday.

All sovereign and personal debts at all levels of government and finance have been paid in full.

Sovereign rate redemptions for all currencies worldwide will be allowed at the individual level for a 1 week period.

All citizens of the world are now considered independent and sovereign as equal members of the human race and planet earth regardless of birth right, location, title or lineage.  We're all sovereign royalty and children of Israel. 

The new Asian Monetary Authority is ready to be born internationally as of noon EST Saturday October 1.

The European Banking Cabal has agreed to peaceful surrender terms (you read that right) and is to give over full control of the world's financial system in perpetuity.

Federal Reserve fiat currency goes dead at the end of fiscal year 2016--which ends at midnight 9-30-2016.

General Dunford's ghosts are currently  engaged in a "full house cleaning" as of this Tuesday... and we are told he will make all necessary restored Republic, new USN currency and Federal Reserve/UST transition announcements after final tactical operations are complete.

Link to a possible future ZIM international rate that Chase and WF may be offering:

Just move the decimal point over one place if you desire to know the top sovereign rate Abbott Downing may be able to accommodate.

Performance window is any minute now that markets have closed for this week to any minute markets open for next week which is 2am Sunday (Dubai).

Analysis: Everything is Flan-Tastic!!!

God is with us.