Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yosef Intel Updates from July 24th & July 25th 2017

GCR/RV SITREP: "Malevolent/Benevolent" -- July 25, 2017

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

How the hell did we get here?

All the months and years of hopes, prayers and dreams built our collective path brick by brick ... then suddenly it all comes rushing into view before our very eyes.

The RV. Here today gone tomorrow. Not a public record kept nor mass media report made. Real and unreal at the same time. Visible and invisible depending on your belief level.

Truly a remarkable thing.

Word on the street in Washington tonight is the new, wildly unpopular healthcare bill will indeed pass the Senate with VP Mike Pence casting the deciding vote and President Trump signing the same night, as well as the House signing off on the Senate changes same day.

Nobody by the way has read the bill which effects 1/6 of the US economy. The only logic based reason as to why is to hide the RV/USN/gold standard language that is deeply buried in the bill.

And just like that the cabal beast in America is slain after 146 years of brutal and unthinkable oppression.

In the blink of an eye the RV magically appears as the United States becomes GESARA compliant and thus Grandmother releases the USN globally through out all tiers of the new financial system.

800#s spit out. Redemption appointments and exchanges begin. And the restoration of humanity commences forever to begin anew. And we actively participated.

Nothing to it. Easy as pie. Never a doubt.

Too bad few to none will even know of our heroism in the face of the dark abyss. But this is the business we have chosen. Or chose us. Sobeit.

Simultaneously, Trump's tax returns will also magically be discovered (and/or released) by Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, who will then be immediately fired by someone in the DOJ per the request of President Trump's.

This act of obstruction will be too much for Paul Ryan in the House, who will heroically begin the end of the Trump administration, which will conclude with Trump's resignation some two months later as the 2017 fiscal year continently ends.

The firestorm that arises around the removal of a sitting President will serve as the flash bang cover necessary to mask the entire RV process, and effectively distract the public away from millions of private and public exchangers getting insanely wealthy.

And yes, Trump as it turns out was a transgender malevolent / benevolent, who was always slated to be the RV diversion which explains all of his erratic and constantly bad behavior.

The NPTB ramped up his decisive rhetoric and slow played his demise until the summer which is also the slowest international trading time of the year (end of July into August).

That's why the drip, drip, drip effect is now concluding with a big flush finale. And why Trump the showman/actor was necessary to fill the temporary role as American Commander and Chief.

Kinda all makes sense now looking back, but good gosh was it hard to understand let alone absorb for the past two years.

And why this timed release strategy drove intel providers absolutely insane because the writing kept appearing on the wall by the hour--yet never realizing a meaningful result.

There was no other pathway but to RV, we just had to collectively wait it out until end of July 2017, regardless of when we individually started.

Now we have been prepared by a righteous fire -- forged into philanthropic steel -- soft as velvet gloves of mercy.

The transition has come full circle and transaction must now begin.

Look for a Tuesday night vote in the Senate and then watch as the House rubber stamps any last minute changes and sends it ASAP to White House for an immediate Presidential signature.

Wednesday morning is set to begin private exchanges until Saturday night (4 days).

Then on either Saturday night July 30, 2027 or Tuesday August 1, 2017 rates will quietly flip in the middle of the night and the public will begin redeeming.

No press release. No fan fare. No drama. Abundant beyond understanding. Heaven on earth manifested.

And not one word of any RV will ever be spoken in the media. Not one record will be preserved in history. Yet your accounts will be real and lives never the same.

What RV?

God is with us.



Received via email at 11:06 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

It's been confirmed by someone who helped write the health care bill that the RV (USN, gold standard return) is buried within the American Health Care Act which is being voted on tomorrow night in the US Senate.

This after weeks of delays.

Voting in majority favor of the bill will make our money gold backed with President Trump's signature and why he was even placed/forced there in the first place.

Once signed, Trump will be removed from office and the RV will be allowed to release by Grandmother/Quan Yin.

Everything technically, structurally and financially is ready for this endless saga to find closure.

Also as a result of the repeated delays on passing healthcare (RV), leading cabal obstructionist John McCain's left eye was removed via blunt force by a Chinese General who is here over seeing the RV for the Elders.

McCain is now being forced back to Washington, D.C. by military escort, and literally being wheeled onto the Senate floor as to vote in favor of the gold standard (health care).

Can't make this shit up folks.

God is with us.



Answers Anonymous' Questions Regarding "Wheeled" - 7.25.17 ~ Intel

Received via email at 2:25 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

"Re: Wheeled" by (Anonymous) - 7.25.17

Question 1: How long will it take to get Trump's signature after the Senate Vote? Been reading in other posts October 1st for this "nightmare" to end. Please spare us more waiting!

Answer 1: Wednesday.

Question 2: The American Health Care Act being voted on...is that the one being implemented after Trump is out, and Ryan (or ?) is sworn in officially?

Answer 2: Tuesday

Question 3: Regarding McCain: OW! Is it possible this whole "blood clot" deal with him that sent him to the hospital was put there by a whop upside the head, which warranted removing his eye...also with blunt force? Just curious...

Answer 3: See Harry Reid circa 2015.


Comment: By the sound of what has been posted about all that has and is going on leading up to the RV Gesara/Nesara, it's looking as though there is a very good chance this whole thing could be pulled off absolute flawless perfection.

Summary: GESARA requires that a newly elected US President constitutionally eligible representative body of the people (Congress) vote and sign into law the gold standard/USN. That's what Grandmother is waiting on. Nothing more. Trump only gets paid if he signs the RV/USN bill. Trump will be removed starting Thursday either way.

Until this happens we won't see the RV. Once it happens we will see the RV. Simple as that.

McCain stood in the way. His violent assault was used to send a message. He spun it to make him look sympathetic via the brain tumor, but know he was injured in this way to be shamed on camera all week and beyond.

If there is no USN, there is no US military or US government come a minute after September 30, 2017.

This is the end because even the Chinese want to kickstart their economy--by kickstarting the global economy--months before the holiday season.

No more can kicking. The cabal is being removed worldwide and permanently in front of our eyes.

"Addendum: This is Real Intel" by Whoof - 7.25.17 ~ Intel

Entry Submitted by Whoof at 1:24 AM EDT on July 25, 2017

"This is Real Intel" by Whoof - 7.24.17

The TDA is actually misappropriated funds that were held by the cabal illegally instead of returning them to the Global Debt Facility which was the backing for the fiat money. You are using misappropriated TDA funds. If enough people use it we're safe in numbers.

The Galactics have been asked to make a decision of whether or not to penalize those that have used it. No decision yet. The Galactics are in charge of the GCR now as any decisions re:GCR has been taken from Earthlings, as per Kent Dunn. Winston Shrout asked Kent Dunn to relay to Galactics to " get off their ass and get the GCR done cause it is causing the TDA problem in the first place".